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    ’Tis the season for giving

    submitted by Nichole Meyers, owner, AAA Club Alliance Inc., Richboro

    It’s been a long difficult year. As I sit in my office today post-election, winter ahead, so much division in our country and COVID-19 on the rise, I wonder what it all means. Terms like new normal, uncertainty, and navigating these uncharted times. I don’t know about you but I’m kind of sick of hearing them. Lately I’ve been waking up with an overwhelming amount of anxiety. Worry for my children, for myself and my husband, worry about our business that is only two years old, worry for our community, for all people, for the nation. That’s a lot of worry!

    I do know that what I have to hold onto is what is rooted in love and honesty and support of one another as we go through so many emotions. I am not a wellness expert. As you see our business is insurance. However, I do know that we have to be well in order to keep moving each day, which is not easy in this time. And quite honestly, I have been more than fortunate, getting by without any devastating hardships or loss like many people I know have experienced.

    So, in my effort to “navigate these uncertain times” and since it ‘tis the season, the one word that keeps popping into my head, that thing we tell our children to do, the one thing that guarantees to keep us thriving and connected is GIVING, giving what you have! We all have our strengths, talents or even tangible items to share.

    So, for this year, this end of 2020, my hope is to take what we have and each make a little list on how we can give. Here are a few I thought of:

    I have a lot of wonderful customers in this area, I can call to check in, particularly customers who are alone. I can also stay on the phone a few minutes longer, just to talk, when they call in to my office.

    I can drop cookies on a door step, with a good book I’ve finished reading.

    I can patronize any small local business.

    You get the idea and it’s not a new idea. I know this is not our typical Insurance article, but it’s all I can think about right now. If we all just held ourselves accountable to giving in some way, it could really make all the difference for our own well being and for others.

    “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” – Abraham Lincoln

    PHOTO CAP: Nichole Meyers, agency owner AAA Club Alliance Inc. Photo by Carmela Scalabrino.

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