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    Maintaining healthy veins during the holiday season

    submitted by Steven K. Allen, D.O., Director, The Center of Advanced Vein Therapy,

    As we approach the holidays, it is a good time to understand the potential negative effects that this time of the year can have on your vein health.

    Here are some simple steps to take to help keep your leg veins healthy during the holiday season:

    *Maintain Your Healthy Eating Habits: During the holidays we are all tempted by many delicious foods and exotic drinks.

    It is important to eat and drink in moderation as this is the best way to maintain your body weight and not put extra strain on your legs (by having more weight to carry around).

    Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit and vegetables should keep you hydrated and reduce cravings for unhealthier foods and drinks.

    Try to avoid too much salt as it can predispose you to swelling.

    *Exercise: As you know, regular exercise is important at any time, but it is doubly important during the holidays as activity helps to pump blood back to your heart.

    This will decrease the probability of clots or other malfunctions of your leg veins.

    *Wear Compression Stockings: If you are experiencing any of the signs of venous disease (e.g., tired or swollen legs, discoloration, leg pain, cramps, varicose or spider veins) or if you have already been diagnosed with a vein disorder, it is important to wear compression stockings as they gently apply pressure to your legs thereby stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation.

    Selecting the right size is crucial as the positive impact of wearing them is lessened if they do not fit properly.

    *Regularly Elevate Your Legs: Doing this will reduce the stress on your legs and increase blood flow which is a key to maintaining healthy venous flow from your legs back to your heart.

    *Keep Your Skin Well Lubricated: Moisturize your legs, especially in the lower calf and ankle area.

    Moisture helps to reduce swelling and will promote healthy blood flow.

    Following the above recommendations will help minimize any negative effects that can happen to your vein health, especially at this festive and joyous time of the year.

    As always, if you are experiencing any symptoms of venous insufficiency or disease it is important that you see a qualified vein specialist for evaluation as there are non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that can improve your condition.

    Happy Holidays!

    PHOTO CAP: The team from the Center for Advanced Vein Therapy

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