Landmark Family Chiropractic

    At Landmark Family Chiropractic we are more than just relief for your neck and lower back pain.

    We offer comprehensive chiropractic care utilizing a variety of techniques ranging from manual chiropractic adjustments to very gentle and specific instrument-based care.

    We pride ourselves on fully investing in our patients’ well-being.

    We understand that your health can be complicated, but we want you to know that we are here for you.

    Dr. Andrew and Dr. Jamie draw from years of experience and knowledge in the healthcare industry that extends beyond just chiropractic care.

    Functional neurology is another part of what we do.

    Dr. Andrew has spent years studying and learning the inner workings of the brain and nervous system which gives him the ability to treat patients with even the most detailed and complicated histories.

    Relying on a thorough examination he is able to determine deficits in brain and nervous system function that can be contributing to various health conditions and their symptoms.

    Dr. Andrew utilizes specific exercises which can include eye movements, balance training and a variety of sensory and movement-based activities.

    Functional neurology-based care can be beneficial for treating patients with peripheral neuropathy, balance issues, dizziness, vertigo, migraines, concussion rehab, anxiety and sports performance enhancement just to name a few.

    Functional nutrition is just another service we offer that makes our care so comprehensive.

    Dr. Jamie likes to look at health from the perspective of the gut.

    Did you know that your gut health effects your immune system function as well as your brain?

    Dr. Jamie utilizes a variety of laboratory testing from food sensitivity testing to stool microbiology assessment to determine the cause of her patient’s condition.

    She has been successful treating various chronic pain syndromes, poor immune system function, autoimmune conditions, IBS, acid reflux and so much more.

    By determining the true cause of the patient’s symptoms she’s not only able to reduce their symptoms but also able to help restore them to optimal health.

    If you are struggling with your health but you don’t know where to start, we can help you.

    Give us a call at 215-693-5488 or send us an email at

    We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve optimal health!

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. Jamie Sacco DC and Dr. Andrew Brodyn DC

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