Brady’s Botanicals – Morrisville-Yardley

    Locally grown bud – it’s harvest time!

    This is a very special time of year for Brady’s Botanicals.

    Harvest time is excruciatingly busy because we have a short window while harvesting our beautiful buds!

    “It’s a labor of love,” say owners Roger and Sharon.

    Growing this year’s crop has been filled with so many uncertainties with the virus and lockdowns, so we made a decision to grow less.

    By focusing on fewer plants, growers actually have a higher yield and the quality is unsurpassed. By strategically adding another organic farm, Brady’s has been able to add a few new strains to their lineup.

    Our cultivars promote wonderful outcomes that our clients haven’t found in medical marijuana.

    In addition to the strains we already have, the newest strains are:

    • *CBG (Cannabigerol); 
    • *Runtz;
    • *Suzy Q;
    • *Sour Space Candy.

    Brady’s Botanicals specializes in providing legal accessibility of whole-plant products without a medical ID card.

    Products include whole-plant extracts, topicals, edibles, smokable flower and cartridges, and concentrates.

    Sharon says, “The key to properly feeding your regulatory system lies with the whole plant (over 500 compounds) and compounds like CBD and THC cannot do it alone.” 

    On a daily basis, our products effectively help adults, adolescents, and pets with ANXIETY, PAIN, DEPRESSION, SLEEP QUALITY, STRESS, IBS, INFLAMMATION, ADD/ADHD and more.

    Holiday Sales Event

    Roger and Sharon say, “This year has been difficult enough for everyone, and as small business owners serving the community, we can help all of our patrons with their mental and physical well-being.”

    Brady’s Botanicals, now located in Marrazzo’s Big Oak Shopping Center at 364 W. Trenton Ave., is gearing up for the holiday season and will be announcing a big holiday sales event beginning on “Black Friday”. The sales event will include discounted gift cards, sales on products, and extended store hours.

    Keep up to date by following them on their social media platforms. 

    Find more info on Brady’s Botanicals at

    Contact us at (833) 692-7239. We are text friendly! 

    Call or text to place an order.

    We offer FREE SHIPPING in the Continental US.

    PHOTO CAP: Roger and Sharon in their new store in the Big Oak Shopping Center.

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