Wild Birds Unlimited

    Wild Birds Unlimited welcomes new owners to the nest

    Lisa and David Mergen are brand new owners nesting in New Hope’s bird-enthusiast haven, Wild Birds Unlimited, which has been part of the community for 30 years.

    Owners of JustFood, the deli/catering store beside Wild Birds Unlimited, the couple decided to adopt WBU as well, and are now its fourth owners as of July 1st.

    “After feeding people in the community for 17 years, we figured we could feed the birds too,” Lisa says.

    Wild Birds Unlimited centers on the nature and hobby of feeding birds – a centuries-old hobby that has recently reinvented itself as an even more popular pastime as people seek new ways to enjoy time at home.

    “The store has become an increasingly amazing resource for anyone interested in feeding birds in their backyard. Our staff is readily available to offer solutions to common birding issues.”

    As months grow colder, birds struggle to find food naturally. It’s an even better time to pick up a birdfeeder and start feeding. WBU offers an extensive selection of birdseed exclusive to this region and season.

    “The seed we offer is what makes our store,” Lisa says. “There are no fillers and it’s fresh. Our customers know we have pallets delivered weekly – and believe it or not, we have been told that the birds know the difference between our seed.”

    WBU is a small store bringing birds (and humans) large amounts of joy, and sustenance.

    “Our motto is to bring people and nature together with excellence – that’s what we try to do.”

    So while you’re at home looking for something to do, restock your bird feeding supply with a birdfeeder with a lifetime guarantee or treat your backyard buddies to delicacies from Wild Birds Unlimited.

    Support local and shop at their newly launched online store where there’s free shipping on all orders over $75 –

    “We’re lucky in Bucks County to have a lot of green space where we can slow down and reconnect with nature.”

    As a special way to help customers who are avid about getting back to nature and reconnecting with others, WBU recently began nature/bird walks. People who are novices and new to birdwatching or those who have been doing it for years alike will enjoy this time to get back out in nature and enjoy the beauty of birds in New Hope.

    To get on the list, e-mail

    Visit Wild Birds Unlimited at 4920 York Road, Route 202 and Buckingham Green, or contact them at 215-794-3888.

    Find your way back to nature when you discover the joys of bird feeding with Wild Birds Unlimited.

    PHOTO CAP: Lisa Mergen, new co-owner of New Hope’s bird-enthusiast haven, Wild Birds Unlimited

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