Scott Matthew Salon – New Hope

    Our salon is open for business providing most essential hair and beauty services with all safety protocols in place. We welcome existing and new clients. 

    Scott Matthew Salon is located at 4920 York Rd., Buckingham.

    Call us at 484-547-1032 for a complimentary consultation appointment and we will show you how safe we are keeping your experience in our salon. 

    We will freshen your look so don’t put it off any longer. You deserve comfort, beauty, and style. Let me introduce you to our team.

    *Scott Hassinger, owner

    I’ve been involved in the salon industry since 2000. My education began with Middle Bucks Institute of Technology and continues every year. The industry is forever evolving and I believe it is most important to stay as current as possible with the changes in style. In doing so we can be sure to provide our clients with a look that suits them best in today’s current fashion.

    *Marina Lutteroty, stylist

    Hair has always been my passion, when I was younger there were so many times where I was constantly asking my sister and mom to do their hair. When I was 8 I thought I was good enough to cut my neighbors hair for her picture day. I always wanted my hands on hair. I went to Middle Bucks Institute of Technology and got my license in June 2017.

    *Mackenzie Sweeney, stylist

    I am a 2016 graduate from the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute. I love doing hair and makeup and seeing how I can light up peoples’ spirits by letting their inner beauty shine through my work. Dancing for 15 years gave me the desire and ability to strive for something more, which is what led me to hair and makeup. It’s more than a job; it’s my passion. 

    *Nicole Sophy

    I Graduated from jean Madeline and continued my education with aveda to be certified as a color educator.  I love the creativity and the ability to make people feel good about themselves. 

    PHOTO CAP: Scott Matthew Hassinger, center; left to right are Marina Lutteroty, Nicole Sophy, and Mackenzie Sweeney

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