Rakova Ballet School

    Things to consider when choosing a ballet school

    No matter what future goals you may have in terms of dance, it is important to carefully research and find a school that will best meet your child`s needs. The following are points to consider before deciding on a ballet school for your child.

    *Teacher Qualifications

    Finding qualified teacher is the most critical element in the search for a ballet school. Exposure to a poorly trained instructor in the early stages can lead to injuries and bad habits that are hard to reverse.

    *Structured Program

    Look for a structured program for each level, with a defined curriculum based on a recognized teaching methodology such as Vaganova Method for ballet.

    *An Educational Focus

    The purpose of a ballet school is to ensure continuous, safe growth as a dancer. While performances can be a fun and an important part, a serious school will not let it replace a basic emphasis upon building a strong, technical foundation.

    *Class Size

    Smaller class sizes mean that students will get more individualized attention. Classes with more than about 12 students make this level of detailed attention harder to accomplish.

    *Developmental Readiness

    Children from 4 to 6 years of age are not ready for formal ballet training and should be placed in Pre-Ballet or other suitable beginning classes.

    *Disciplined Environment

    A disciplined approach is essential to mastering ballet technique.

    Rakova Ballet School offers all of the above, and more. Master teacher/founder Yuliya Rakova is a graduate of the world-renowned Perm State Choreographic College in Russia, home of the famed Russian ballet traditions. She founded the Rakova Ballet School for the training of young, aspiring dance artists.

    Rakova Ballet School employs the Vaganova teaching method, a system of training that is logical, inspiring and highly effective. Our goal is to provide students with a precise technique, musicality and complete body awareness and control.

    At Rakova Ballet School, our mission is to instill the love of dance in each of our students and to train each student to the best of their ability, providing them with the tools and training needed to achieve their goals once they graduate from our program.

    Rakova Ballet School is located at 80 Second Street Pike, Southampton.

    You can also find them on Facebook @rakovaballet and Instagram @yrakovaballet.

    For information or to register, call 267-312-4175 or email
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