Pizza Yeah! – Langhorne

    Do you ever worry that eating pizza will ruin your diet?

    Perhaps your diet is restricted to gluten-free foods only.

    Regardless of your dietary restrictions and preferences, Pizza Yeah! has pizza and many other delicious meals that virtually everyone can eat and enjoy!

    “It’s important to us that your entire family can eat our food despite any limitations,” explains Geovanny, owner and operator of Pizza Yeah!

    Therefore, he has lovingly crafted a healthy menu, including Cauliflower Pizza which Geovanny invented himself, consisting of cauliflower crust as opposed to flour or bread.

    This 10-inch round pie is only 227 calories yet filling enough for an entire meal.

    Create your own gourmet cauliflower pizza by adding your favorite toppings.

    Some simple changes of ingredients can produce a healthy pizza that will taste just as yummy as traditional pizza!

    “We have customers on gluten-free diets, who haven’t eaten pizza in over a decade,” said Geovanny. “Once they discover our Cauliflower Pizza, they keep coming back!”

    It’s become so popular that people have made Pizza Yeah! their destination just to try it.

    Also on their healthy menu is house-made zucchini noodles, zucchini lasagna, grilled zucchini parmigiana and cauliflower risotto pescatore – just to name a few.

    Another popular healthy option is the special hamburger where the burger is placed between two halves of a portabella mushroom instead of a bun.

    “Our quinoa salad with spring mix, apples and tomato has also become quite popular.”

    If you prefer conventional pizza pie, choose from their wide variety: many types of Sicilian, pan square thin and gourmet pizzas at Pizza Yeah!

    According to Geovanny, the pizzeria’s chicken parmigiana, buffalo chicken and chicken honey mustard are the most popular gourmet pizzas.

    Try one today! Regardless of what you choose off their menu, it will be made with the highest quality and freshest ingredients to guarantee a burst of flavor in every mouthful.

    Don’t let their name fool you – Pizza Yeah! serves much more than pizza. You’ll find hot sandwiches, cheesesteaks, hoagies, wraps, paninis and salads, entrees of chicken, veal, seafood and pasta dishes, and something special to wrap up your meal.

    Geovanny makes homemade desserts such as tiramisu, cannoli and cheesecake.

    A catering menu is also available.

    Pizza Yeah! is a family owned and operated business. During the pandemic, they are following all CDC guidelines to keep their customers safe.

    Call them today for a take-out order 215-946-6801 or find their menu online at

    Pizza Yeah! is located at 360 N. Oxford Valley Road, Langhorne.

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