Paxson Hill Farm – New Hope

    If you’ve run out of garden tasks at this point (lucky you!), consider planting a tree!

    Think back to spring (the long, cool and beautiful one we had – disregard the rest of it!) and ponder what you felt may be missing.
    Flowers? Consider a Dogwood.

    Our native Florida Dogwood shows off with large pink or white blooms during prime Springtime.

    While not native, Korean Dogwood is another alternative, with white flowers and better resistance to disease.

    Hybrids of the two now exist to provide showy, pink to red flowers on vigorous, resilient and disease resistant trees.
    Redbuds, another native, will knock your socks off when their bare branches are completely smothered with shimmering lavender flowers.

    Varieties now exist with colorful, purple to yellow foliage so it keeps on giving through the summer months.

    Would you like to support wildlife and biodiversity?

    Choose an Oak! Five hundred and thirty-two species of caterpillars are known to feed on Oaks, providing an important food source for birds.

    They also provide shade, shelter and habitat for an unrivaled amount of wildlife and insects.

    How about fragrance? Fringetree, native to the Southeastern US, sports feathery white flowers that smell of Lilac! Or, how about Japanese Snowbell, with hanging scented bell-shaped flowers that flutter in the wind!
    Foliage? Red Maples are on fire right now, easily spotted from quite some distance. Quick growth makes them excellent for a shade tree.
    Japanese Maples provide a dizzying array of color through multiple seasons. Spring sees shades of oranges, pinks, reds and every color in between as the new leaves unfurl. Summer, laceleaf varieties look simply elegant.

    Fall often brings a repeat of the spring show.
    The list goes on and on.

    There’s a tree for everyone! Need help deciding?

    Stop in, give us a call, or take a stroll through the gardens for some inspiration.

    We also offer delivery and planting for the big ones if you don’t like to wait!

    PHOTO CAP: Paxson Hill grounds employee, Chris Walker, planting a native Red Bud tree at the farm.

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