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    Staged to sell with Mary Camp, REALTOR®

    Most buyers start their house search online and much like dating apps of swiping right or left based on appearance, the same holds true for houses. 

    Pictures of rooms tied together with color and accessories, with the room’s purpose immediately conveyed, attracts buyers and evokes emotions. 

    People envision themselves in the house, hosting family get-togethers, putting children to sleep, working from home in a quiet space and enjoying cups of coffee on the porch. 

    Packing up all the personal décor and de-cluttering is vital. 

    It may sound silly but buyers don’t want to envision themselves relaxing in the family room surrounded by pictures of your family – it creates a disconnect.

    Preparing a home enabling them to be able to envision it as their own home, not as them moving into your home you live in. 

    We design our homes specific to our individual needs, but each room should serve a purpose for a buyer, not for you. 

    My Dining Room is my home office because we only use that room for Thanksgiving and I like being in a central part of my home. 

    If I were to list, I would convert the room back to its natural purpose.

    Minimizing the amount of items in a room makes it appear larger. 

    I almost always recommend staging vacant properties, at least the most important rooms. 

    Show how each space serves a purpose and answer the anticipated questions – where could a desk go (telecommuting/virtual learning), would a kitchen table fit, what size bed fits and answer the all-important one – where does the TV go? 

    I recommend Maureen Bentley, owner of Get Maur Organized, to assist with preparing homes for sale. 

    Maureen assists with packing, de-cluttering, and she has a warehouse full of staging furniture and décor – including fake flatscreen TV’s. Many times, she can use a mix of the seller’s furnishings and items from her warehouse. 

    Maureen and I work with sellers to create homes that strike up emotions of buyers. Professional pictures make each room look straight out of HGTV and my marketing plans get the listings in front of potential buyers vying to submit an offer.

    You only get one shot at a first impression. 

    Use my experience – I’ll coach you every step of the way. 

    Call me at 215-882-1064 or find me online at

    PHOTO CAP: This vacant condo is staged to show multi-purposes for the small living space.

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