Fletcher’s Garage – Fairless Hills

    Fall is the time to begin thinking about and preparing your car for colder temperatures and the coming winter.

    Get ready with your neighborhood auto shop, Fletcher’s Garage!

    When you’re prepping your car for the cold weather months, it’s most important to check the following:

    *Wipers – These should be replaced every 6 months to a year. Older wipers can end up squeaking and smear the windshield, decreasing visibility.

    *Belts – Any worn belts or hoses should be replaced. These are important to proper operation of your vehicle.

    *Lights – Especially in poor visibility conditions like rain, heavy fog, or snow, you need to be able to light up the road ahead. If your headlights appear hazy, it’s a good idea to get them buffed and polished so they can shine bright. Replace any bulbs if necessary.

    *Tires – Driving in poor conditions means tire tread needs to be strong to prevent slipping on wet or leaf-covered roads. Tires that are losing tread could leave you in danger. You’ll also want to regularly check your tire pressure, which affects traction and handling of your car.

    *Batteries – It’s common for our car battery to lose charge as the weather gets colder, just as in the heat. Make sure your car battery is in working order so you aren’t stuck with a car that won’t start!

    Make sure your heater is working properly as well – don’t get caught in the cold.

    Now is the time to make an appointment for an inspection or to replace the important parts of your vehicle and ensure it keeps running smoothly and keeps you safe on the road.

    Make sure you’re ready for anything this upcoming fall and winter.

    Bring your car to Fletcher’s and allow them to take care of your vehicle.

    You’re in good hands – having your vehicle checked prior to the fall and winter ensures you won’t run into issues down the road and be caught in a jam.

    Come see Fred and his team at Fletcher’s Garage today, located at 480 Hood Blvd, Fairless Hills, or give them a call at 215-295-4931 with any automotive questions or to make an appointment.

    Find more info at

    PHOTO CAP:  Pictured is the staff at Fletcher’s, from left, Cris Street, Fred Fletcher (owner), Rob Swaim, and Joe Andujar.

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