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    Precious memories of the turkey season

    Each year families come together to celebrate this special season, share a meal around the table, and talk about old times.

    Grandpa usually nods off after dinner, Grandma and the kids clean the kitchen, Mom kicks back to watch the big game, and Dad is happy it’s all over and he can get the kitchen back into ship-shape.

    Or so the story goes.

    But this year is different.

    The happy memories of Thanksgiving past have a hollow sound as families have transitioned into a world no one alive knew existed.

    Isolation, quarantine, closed schools, closed churches, no restaurants, no fun.

    Seemingly everyone’s life has changed, and not much for the better.

    But the saga does not end there.

    Our lives too were affected this past spring, just like yours.

    Our team workers were tentative to exposures, our business was at risk of closing, growers and suppliers were unable to produce the volume of product needed for the demand, and some of us questioned ‘who next?’

    To our surprise, customers came out to support us, a small family-run roadside stand we call a garden center.

    We operate in the shadows of the Goliath box stores down the road, and often feel like David fighting the big, ugly giant.

    But David had someone in his corner, and so do we, and you alike.

    One act of kindness that Steve and an employee Dan did in early April turned into a national headline.

    Hundreds of thousands of people around the world shared the message on social media of our good deed.

    Local news organizations wrote stories, and took photos.

    Not accustomed to the attention, we turned down all national media.

    It wasn’t what our sharing was about.

    Our deed was about helping one family who we thought was in need.

    The rest of the story is history.

    But there is one more chapter to write.

    To show our love to our community who supported us, we are giving back again.

    We want to share with those in need 300 prepared turkey meals this Thanksgiving.

    Do you need a helping hand? Do you need a hot meal? Do you know a family who is hurting? Reach out to us.

    We want to share with you our reason to be thankful this special Thanksgiving season.  “We give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His mercies endure forever” (Psalms 118:1).  Precious memories last a lifetime.

    For a meal, email Steve at, or Nick at MEI Catering at

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