Therapeutic Art Unlimited, PC

    Providing in-home occupational therapy enrichment sessions

    Therapeutic Art Unlimited, PC (Therartu for short) is a mobile service providing Occupational therapy-based art programs, primarily for the special-needs community.  

    Our mission is to encourage self-awareness and support wellness and growth through art, art making and movement! 

    We use a holistic approach, adding a movement piece to each 90-minute session. 

    This may include yoga, work on the exercise ball, and mindfulness activities. 

    This unique approach to therapy is a result of the founder, Amy Tomalin, who has more than 20-years of experience providing school-based and clinical OT services. 

    As a lifelong resident of Lower Bucks County she is happy to be able to provide her services to students in the local community.

    The “Occupation” in Occupational Therapy (OT) refers to the individual’s rehabilitation through the performance of activities required in daily life. 

    For students, this means the ability to focus, attend, and use their developed sensory skills, core stability, fine motor, visual/perceptual and executive functioning skills to process, navigate and succeed at the demands presented.

    No doubt these skills are being tested to the limit through long distance and virtual learning!  

    Although many students receive OT in school according to their IEP, these services are often minimal and for many, a constant fight to receive and maintain. 

    In addition, outside OT can be expensive and is not always covered through insurance. 

    Therartu provides professional therapy services to enhance and add another layer to growth and learning. 

    At Therartu, we utilize the creative process of art to encourage fine motor skills, motor planning, visual attention and stamina. 

    Art, not in the form of simple crafts, but rather brilliant and creative examples of art (often from the masters) with engaging projects to stimulate and boost confidence! 

    The goal is not to reproduce the sample, but rather to use it as an inspiration for self-expression, building confidence, and teaching appreciation for others’ work.

    Through the exploration of the art piece, learning to stop, breath properly and connect to self, we strive to learn to adapt to the stressors and challenges we face in life. 

    Ultimately, we learn to develop coping strategies, improve emotional wellness and overall wellbeing! 

    With pricing plans for individuals and small groups, we provide you with personalized, convenient and manageable service. 

    We support the student, parents and caregivers through modeling and advocacy and help to meet and reinforce IEP goals for OT. 

    For more information call 267-568-2557 or visit  

    PHOTO CAP: Adding movement to sessions is especially important in these times of virtual learning.

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