Joel Baba’s School of Gymnastics, Inc. – Levittown

    Children are bouncing off the walls, staying home and are full of energy.

    They are learning virtually and completing schoolwork on the computer.

     Joel Baba’s School of Gymnastics is the place for kids to get their energy out as well as gain strength and body awareness.

    There are many benefits to gymnastics for all ages such as: increased flexibility, improved strength, better coordination and an organized safe environment to burn some energy.

    We offer classes for ages beginning at 18 months and all the way through age 18 for girls, our boys program is 18 months through age five.

    Joel Baba’s emphasizes the basic fundamentals and also the fun that gymnastics has to offer. Joel Baba’s is a family owned facility, entering its 30th year of offering recreational gymnastics to children of all ages.

    Children of all skill levels are welcome, from beginners who want to have fun learning basic gymnastics, such as somersaults and cartwheels, to children who are ready for advanced skills in our Elite program.

    All coaches are certified and are passionate about the sport and working with children.

    Their goal is to provide a safe, fun, learning environment for all children.

    Beginning in the younger classes, students are learning gross and fine motor skills as well as social skills and bonding with other children their age.

    The developmental obstacle courses with all the ups and downs, twists and turns, helps the students gain coordination, confidence and skills.

    Younger students increase their rhythm, strength and flexibility. The classes allow the children to warm up their muscles through stretching and interactive songs to prepare to navigate circuits, obstacle courses and gymnastics equipment.

    Through fun various themes, the preschoolers are able to demonstrate their skills.

    As the students’ progress into the school age classes, the progressive program incorporated into the lesson plans allows for the transition into traditional gymnastics.

    Classes incorporate more organized skill levels to work their way up in difficulty.

    The skills are broken down into steps for development while students rotate between the equipment, completing two rotations a week.

    School age children are able to reap the benefits of gymnastics, all-around fitness, strength, flexibility, balance, and self-confidence.

    Jumping, tumbling, flipping and twisting are all great ways to stay active while having fun.

    So, if you need a sport to do or have nothing going on, come on over to try out a free trial class.

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