Democrats for Progress

Election Day is November 3rd

Politics swings back and forth like a pendulum; we need to swing this election and get to the polls or ballot boxes and make sure the Trump era is a short one. 

There will be every effort and all avenues used by the Trump Administration to change the outcome of this election to fit his narrative. 

We must get out in force to stop this effort.  

Decency is not dead, this is not who we are as Americans. 

Our Democracy is at risk. 

We are asking that you join us and support the following candidates who have the same vision to protect our Democracy.

Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket for President and Vice President want to build our nation back better than before. 

They promise to advance racial equity across the American economy; to rebuild the middle class, no matter what their race, gender, ethnicity, religion or where they live.

Christine Finello is running for Congress and is driven to fix broken systems. 

She feels that the health care system is slanted in favor of insurance and drug companies. 

Health care is an issue of concern for all citizens. 

She makes a promise to go to Congress to put all PA-01 families first. 

Contact 215-720-1730 or

Re-Elect Josh Shapiro for Attorney General, Josh has called Pennsylvania “ground zero” in this upcoming election. 

If elected, Josh will continue to work every day for all the citizens of Pennsylvania. 

Josh wrote and passed some of the toughest ethics laws in state history. 

His work has earned him a national reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder. 
Contact 215- 886-7376 or

Re-Elect Perry Warren for State Representative for District 31, which includes parts of Morrisville. Perry continues to do his best and work every day for all the citizens of Pennsylvania especially District 31. 

As our State Representative Perry supports policies that ensure living wages, protect our environment, promote gun safety and assure legal and social equality.  

Contact local 215-493-5420 or Harrisburg 717-787-5475.

Re-Elect John Galloway for State Representative for District 140. 

John continues to work for the citizens of Pennsylvania and District 140, which includes a portion of Morrisville. 

As State Representative, John has worked with his colleagues to make sure that Morrisville’s needs are heard and met. 

Contact local 215-943-7206 or Harrisburg 717-787-1292.

We stand for Truth, Women’s Rights, Science, Facts not Fibs.

Vote November 3rd!

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