Yardley’s Michael Corcoran building a career in motocross racing

by Stewart Gross

Michael Corcoran is entering his junior year at Pennsbury High School.

He’s sixteen-years-old, but carries himself like a professional at the highest level of international dirt bike racing for his age.

He is ranked in the top 40 in the world at the highest amateur level and has four corporate sponsors.

Mike races in Class B, which is the highest amateur class below the professional level.

He rides in the Schoolboy One Class, which is for ages 14-17.

All that is left for him to traverse on his way to the pros is the College Boy Class for racers 18-21.

He races at both the 125cc (cubic capacity) and 250cc bike class.

Mike won the Class C (the tier below Class B) silver medal as the number two amateur racer in the world in 2019 after competing with the best of the best at top motocross courses in Florida, Kansas, Indiana, and West Virginia.

He was honored at the American Motocross Association (AMA) banquet in Columbus, Ohio this past fall where he was awarded his silver medal.

In August he finished 25th out of 42 international motocross racers at the World Championships held at the historic Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee. The finish placed him in the top 40 amateur motocross racers in the world.

But that is only a snippet of the story.

Mike goes to school from September through December at Pennsbury High School and then trains in Orlando from January through May.

He had been going to school online prior to the COVID-19 outbreak to keep up with his education during the winter and spring.

When the pandemic broke out, his parents and he packed up their trailer and bikes in Orlando and headed back to Yardley for the quarantine.

Many of the racers in his class remained in Florida and trained through May.

Along with his jump to class B and the two month training lag, Michael contracted a bacterial strep infection which he was treated for and chose to race with, still managing the 25th place finish.

The future is paved with “gold” dirt for this gritty Yardley racer. 

Mike just got his driver’s license to ride on our nation’s roads and now drives himself over to New Jersey where he trains in Franklinville under the tutelage of motorcycle pro motocross racer Dan Callahan.

Mike has returned to Pennsbury this fall and will go to back to his training in Orlando and online schooling in the winter.

How good is Michael? The dirt’s the limit!

PHOTO CAP: Michael Corcoran

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