Yardley artist’s work featured in first-time online Phillips’ Mill show

by Lori Goldstein

Yardley resident Jean Childs Buzgo has won the honor of having her painting, “Phillips’ Mill–Summer,” chosen for posters and other promotional materials used to publicize the 91st Phillips Mill Art Show.

For the first time ever, the show will be online now through November 1st at

It will showcase the work of 212 artists, including 96 framed pieces, 23 sculpture pieces, and 255 portfolio (unframed) pieces. “We’re hoping that this [online format] broadens the market for Bucks County artists,” says co-chair Laura Womack. “This is the oldest and most prestigious show in the region. Our art is world-class and has been for 91 years.” 

Ironically, Jean completed “Phillips’ Mill–Summer” in March 2020. “I find myself longing for change and paint a season in the future.  It brings me out of the doldrums.” 

She initially took a photograph of the Mill, but barely looked at it as she painted. “The image is well-ingrained in my mind.  I love the architecture of the Mill itself. That road has a place in my memory bank, a lot of good memories.”

For “Summer,” Jean used oils, starting with a gray undertone on the entire 18×24 linen canvas. “I really like the color palette. They’re harmonious, the purples and yellows. I’m all about color.” 

She describes the painting as “expressive. 

It’s done loosely, with a lot of passion, expressing the emotions of joy, conveying lightness and a feeling of energy with the dappled lighting.”

Two other oils by Jean will be in the show: “Colorful Poppies” and “Canal in Turquoise.” 

Since 2014, her work has been shown at the Silverman Gallery in Buckingham. 

She is looking forward to a spring 2021 solo show at the Gallery, which will potentially display 40 pieces, ranging from impressionistic to expressionistic styles, as well as abstract. 

She is also considering hosting a “pop-up show,” for which she will rent space for anywhere from a week to a month.

While she primarily paints with oils, Jean says, “COVID drove me to paint outside and experiment with new concepts. I started using acrylics on abstracts.” 

Most of her work is based on scenes in Bucks and Hunterdon Counties, but she also enjoys painting city scenes, often as abstracts of Philadelphia and New York City. 

One artist who has recently inspired her is Hank Virgona (1929-2019), whose studio was in Manhattan’s Union Square. 

Jean is especially thankful to her collectors, who own works from the beginning of her career, 2008, up until now. “They appreciate my growth. They tell me their stories, how my work makes them feel, how it brings them joy and a pleasant escape from daily life.” 

her work has appeared in juried shows or won awards every year since 2008.

Phillips’ Mill co-chairs Laura Womack and Tim Lovrinic report that they have gained new donors to the Art Show this year. 

Awards range from $400 to $1,000 for a total of $9800. 

Laura lists some of the challenges of going online: “We started preparations months earlier to allow artists to photograph their work and learn how to submit the images on the Internet. We redesigned the website and created a video that welcomes the benefactors and patrons and shows our appreciation to them.” 

For the 10 years Laura has volunteered at Phillips’ Mill, she wondered why it was called the Phillips’ Mill Community Association. “Why not an art association? The pandemic has taught me why we’re a community association. We’ve worked with our community partners, we’ve gotten tremendous feedback from our artists – it’s been an incredibly gratifying experience.” 

More of Jean’s work can be seen at:


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