Thomas Rodman of Ameriprise Financial

    When you went to your last physical, did you listen to your doctor’s recommendations? More often than not, following the “doctor’s orders”, so to speak, leads to improved health.

    It works the same for your financial health when you turn to a financial advisor like me. I want to ask you: how long has it been since you’ve had a financial physical?

    This might not be on your annual to-do list, but a financial wellness check is just as significant to your overall wellness (especially that of your bank account and retirement funds).

    Over my 30 years as a portfolio manager and financial advisor, I’ve worked the ins and outs of corporate finances as well as personal investing, and more.

    I have licensed principle for 30 years with fiduciary responsibility since day one. My experience gives me a unique perspective, having spent 30 years as a corporate executive overseeing 22 billion dollars, and helping people in the local Bucks County area.

    I have both corporate relationships and work personally with people.

    Most of all, it is my passion to help those around me grow their financial wellness.

    “Tom has helped me grow my personal wealth beyond my expectations,” said a long-time client, “I’m looking forward to enjoying retirement.”

    You need a structurally sound foundation in order to retire and a good financial plan.

    If I asked you to come in for a financial physical today, what would it sound like?

    Where does your financial wellness lie?

    Together, we can go through your expenses. We will see the areas where you might be able to save money. In most cases, I’ve been able to cut my clients’ expenses in half.

    You might think when I talk about a financial physical, we’ll be focusing on where you should and should not be – but it’s a little more technical than that.

    For full financial flourishing to happen, I advise you where and how to invest your money wisely, and when doing so, how to protect yourself and not overdiversify.

    This will increase your wealth, wellness, and financial stability.

    “I like to call Tom periodically for advice and wellness check,” continued the long-time client, “surprisingly there is usually something that needs to be adjusted.”

    So set aside the time for a financial physical today. Allow me to take account of your finances and provide you with a plan for improvement.

    My team works with everyone – there is nothing we can’t do, no financial expertise we don’t cover.

    For more information, contact me at 215-485-0249.

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