Tailor Made Film & Video Transfers – Feasterville

    Tailor Made Film & Video Transfers, located in Feasterville, PA, began as a hobby in the garage-turned-studio of long-time Feasterville resident, Pete Wolk.

    Back in the early 1980s, Pete, an avid 8mm movie enthusiast, was always the guy with the movie camera in hand at all family functions. At that time, just when videotape camcorders first became popular, Pete looked into getting his own home movies converted to a Betamax videotape (Ha, ha – the battle of VHS vs. Betamax, for those of you who remember!) and found that there were limited options.

    Realizing this might be an opportunity, he researched (without the help of Google!) equipment and the available technology for transferring film to videotapes.

    After consulting with experts in the field, he was directed to a local TV studio and soon invested in the same high-end film chain used by the techs at the studio.

    In 1985, Pete began transferring film for friends and family, and with the help and support of his wife, Donna, it soon developed into a side business. Word got out and local camera and video stores started using Tailor-Made as their trusted source for film to video transfers and business grew rapidly.

    In 1988, they moved the business out of their garage to a rented shop on Bustleton Pike in Feasterville. Word spread through camera store networking groups and soon it became necessary to ship orders out of state.

    Outgrowing the shop on Bustleton, in 1999 Pete and Donna purchased the 2000SF property at 205 E. Pennsylvania Blvd. in the Feasterville Business Campus, the current location of Tailor-Made. Staying at the forefront of technology by investing and reinvesting in the latest high-quality equipment and the work of the amazing staff of dedicated specialists employed at Tailor Made, account for the company’s remarkable success.

    Now servicing Camera and Photo Stores nationwide, Tailor-Made has earned the reputation of a trusted source for handling customer’s precious, irreplaceable home movie film, videotapes, slides, photos, and audio recordings.

    The caliber of their work, high-end equipment, and uncompromised integrity, qualify them to be commissioned by documentary film makers, government agencies, hospitals, universities, and film archivists to convert their analog materials to high definition digital files.

    Over 35 years later, Tailor-Made continues to be a family run business and still operates in the Wolk family’s hometown of Feasterville – right in your backyard!

    Visit Tailor Made film & video Transfers’ website at for pricing and information, or give them a call at 215-322-8444, Monday through Friday, 10AM – 6PM. Don’t forget to cut out the coupon in this paper for a discount! Check us out on Facebook, too!

    PHOTO CAP:  Pete and Donna Wolk, owners of Tailor Made Film & Video Transfers

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