Rising Star Equestrian Center – New Hope

    Our mission at Rising Star Equestrian Center is to provide a unique riding experience for our students.

    We focus on complete horsemanship and aim to develop effective riders who respect and care for these beautiful animals.

    We offer a variety of lesson programs dedicated to each individual’s needs and skills.

    We provide a team of horse trainers that don’t compete against each other, but work together to provide the best for you and your horse.

    At Rising Star, our experienced professionals work with you so that you achieve your goals.

    Whether you’re looking to jump, do dressage, or just pleasure ride, it’s always best to receive the help and support of professionals.

    Our instructors have unique and varied riding backgrounds, but we all share one common objective: to help you and your horse safely achieve harmony.

    That is why we include our sponsors and medical professionals in the educational process of our clients, making sure they have the resources required to be best informed.

    When you train at Rising Star, on a school horse or your own horse, you don’t just learn to ride – you become a horseperson.

    You learn to understand the horse and apply principles from as many disciplines as needed to achieve your riding goals.

    Work your horse in rain, snow, or shine between our two arena options; a large outdoor riding arena and an airy covered ring with viewing lounge.

    Main Street New Hope is just a few minutes away with lots of dining options to enjoy after your ride.

    Should you want to ride out, we have access to the canal path which leads you right into town!

    Last year we began working in tandem with local therapists and counselors to provide collaborative instructive therapy riding lessons. We are experienced with troubled teens and pre-teens, including individuals with ADHD, anxiety & depression, and oppositional defiant disorder.

    Riding is a naturally socially-distanced activity, and we have found that our one-on-one lesson program adapts to current safety guidelines easily and efficiently.

    Our team practices and promotes mask wearing, social distance rules, and sanitization practices for all of our students. We welcome new students of all ages and experience.

    We offer monthly membership packages for riders new and old, and $15 pony experiences for young children.

    Visit our website,, to book a farm tour or lesson today!

    We look forward to riding with you!

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