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    Have a hair-raising Halloween with tricks of the trade from Salon in Vogue

    Here are some wild do’s and frightful don’ts to keep in mind while dreaming up your Halloween hairstyle.  

    Trick for Long Hair: Generously apply hairspray to dry hair, let completely dry before lifting piece by piece and then backcombing each section into a wild style. Finish with firm hold freezing hairspray.

    Trick for A Hair-Raising Short Do: Apply Joico Spiker Styling Glue liberally and form hair into a gravity defying spiky look, then spray with a firm hold freezing hairspray.

    Trick: Use temporary color spray or brightly colored non-toxic hair chalk to create the perfect addition to your costume. Hair chalk is the easiest to wash out, so it is the best option. First prime your hair with hairspray, which will act as a barrier, then apply your color product. The brightest affect will be achieved on blonde hair, but if you have dark hair don’t despair. You can make your color more vibrant by applying white hair chalk first, then coat the white chalk with your desired bright color. If you would like your hair chalk to last for a few days, apply it to wet hair. Experiment!  

    Don’t: Use store purchase boxed color, even if it claims to be temporary, unless you want your new color to last more than a day.

    Trick: Use your flatiron before applying your Halloween color. If used after, your flatiron could seal the deal between the fun color and your hair. It could make a lasting impression!

    Don’t: Be spooked if the spray or chalk color does not come out completely. Use clarifying shampoo for several washings with hot water unless you have a keratin treatment. Remember that salons are equipped with special products to remove the color gift that keeps on giving. Your salon can help!

    Trick: Use your Halloween wig from last year.  Spray it with one tablespoon fabric softener to four tablespoons of warm water, then brush to freshen it up and smooth the tangles.

    Treat: Comb out all backcombing and treat yourself to several shampoos with hot water and a good conditioning mask before you go to bed. Leaving hairspray, gel, and any spray or chalk color in your hair when you sleep can cause a horrifying matted mess in the morning which will make you howl!

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