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    Downsizing successfully with Mary Camp

    Downsizing – it’s a word that strikes up mixed emotions. 

    Let me share one of the nicest letters from clients who trusted me with selling the home they raised their children and gathered with their grandchildren in. 

    We worked together to prepare the house for sale and to move to a community in Florida, where they are living happily ever after. 

    The home sold for $5,000 above asking price in one day.

    Dear Mary, 

    First of all thank you for guiding us through the ups and downs of the house selling process. Without you, it would have been a complete nightmare. 

    Even with your guidance, to me it was one of the scariest experiences I’ve ever had to endure, but we got through it and we are moving on. 

    We truly want to express our appreciation we have pertaining to our very kind, considerate and above all, the sweetest of the sweet. Her name is Mary. 

    In life you meet many people, some are just hello and goodbye, some become acquaintances, and some become friends but sometimes a special person appears to sort of make an impression, you happen to be that person. 

    Yes it’s true that you are a friend to our son and yes we’ve met you on occasion at the kids ball games. 

    So even before you became our realtor, we knew you, but we feel that you went over and above helping us, caring to make sure the selling process and the dreaded moving process didn’t have too many bumps in the road, and even then, you smoothed out the bumps.

     We feel good knowing that you are now considered one of our friends. 

    Your professionalism as a realtor will make you a very successful agent but your kindness and caring will make anyone around you glad that they have you in their circle of friends and your husband and kids are very lucky.

    Again thank you for being you and we wish you all the success in your future adventures as the top realtor at RE/MAX. 

    Also we hope that health and happiness, and most of all peace, lives in your home for all years to come. 

    Love Ya! 

    Rhona & Albert

    Be my next happy downsizing client, I’ll coach you every step of the way!

    Mary Camp, REALTOR®

    RE/MAX Properties, Ltd., Newtown PA.
    Call 215-882-1064 or go to

    PHOTO CAP: Rhona & Albert, Happy “Downsizing” Clients

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