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    Dealing with COVID-19 at Nottingham Agency

    For those of you that aren’t familiar with Nottingham Insurance, we are a fourth generation, family-owned and operated independent insurance agency operating out of Yardley and Hamilton, NJ. 

    We offer a wide variety of insurance coverages and services, including Business Insurance, Personal Insurance, Employee Benefits and Risk Management. 

    We have a team of over 40 employees.

    In March of this year, life as we knew it changed with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting people and businesses in our area. 

    Like many business owners, we were uncertain as to what to do or which safety measures we should implement to ensure both our customers and employees were as safe as possible. 

    Although the definition of an essential business included insurance agencies, we faced a logistical dilemma of where our entire staff would work. 

    We quickly made sure all of our team members had remote access to our agency management system, emails, company websites, phones, etc. to make the transition of potentially working from home as smooth as possible. 

    We quickly starting using Zoom, MS Teams and other software to help keep the lines communication to our staff, our insurance carriers and our clients. 

    We honored the state lock downs and were not in our offices (except a few people) from March 17th to June 22nd, when we came back in alternating teams to promote safe distancing. 

    We conducted Zoom Happy Hours and made sure managers and employees communicated regularly so no one felt alone or secluded, as mental health was another issue to consider.

    With regard to our office, every person is required to wear a facemask if not sitting at their desks. 

    Those entering either office (team members or visitors) are required to have their temperature checked. 

    Branded Nottingham Insurance facemasks and hand sanitizer are provided throughout both offices. 

    Anyone not feeling well is required to stay home.  

    To date, we are happy to report that none of our team members have contracted COVID-19. 

    We continue to re-evaluate our safety protocols as we learn more information about the pandemic. 

    For those businesses that are considering reopening or interested in any type of safety and risk management resources, Nottingham Agency has various tools available including instructional documents. 

    Feel free to contact us at 215-493-1996 for more information. 

    We wish you and our entire community health and safety during these unprecedented times.

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