New Hope Antiques & Design Center

    New Hope Antiques & Design Center, located at 6148 Lower York Road in New Hope (between Peddler’s village and the village of New Hope) is home to over 20 small businesses under one roof. 

    It originally began as New Hope Antiques before new owner, Kristen Albone, re-imagined and re-branded the 2,400 square-foot space by expanding its offerings to include not only antiques, but also vintage furniture and home decor and introducing a line of creative supplies to Bucks County.

    A visit to New Hope Antiques & Design Center begins with a visit to our patios, featuring outdoor furniture and decor before entering through our curated lobby. 

    There, guests are welcomed with a showroom featuring an array of paintings by mainly Bucks County artists and an ever-changing sampling of pieces representing the best that the vendors have to offer. 

    Visitors are often surprised to discover that this is just the beginning of their treasure hunt, as the shop appears much smaller from the road and continue with three more showrooms full of a variety of pottery, estate jewelry, furniture, vintage glass, and, of course, more furniture.

    In addition, New Hope Antiques & Design Center is the only local brick and mortar location to offer Debi’s Design Diary DiY Paint Co. paints, Iron Orchid Designs, and Paint Pixie paint brushes. 

    Debi’s Design Diary DiY Paint Co. is a line of natural mineral-based paints containing no harsh chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

    A viral sensation with over 9m views, the retail partnership with Debi’s Design Diary naturally led to additional partnerships with Paint Pixie brushes and Iron Orchid Designs. 

    Paint Pixie brushes are a favorite with many of the furniture artists that use Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint. 

    Iron Orchid Designs offer stamps, moulds, and graphic transfers used by furniture artists to embellish and elevate their designs to one-of-a-kind conversation pieces.

    New Hope Antiques & Design Center is open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10:00am until 5:00pm. 

    To keep up with the ever-changing offerings, follow New Hope Antiques & Design Center on Facebook at New Hope Antiques Center and on Instagram @nhopeadc. 

    PHOTO CAP: Owner Kristen Albone in front of  New Hope Antiques & Design Center

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