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    Outdoor living, more important than ever

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    How do we continue to socialize safely outdoors as we enter fall and winter? 

    We can use the two things that have set us apart as human for millions of years…fire and language. 

    Early hominin use of fire, which started over 400 million years ago, allowed our ancestors to flush out prey and cook food to grow our brains to become the complex beings we are today.  

    We are creatures that continue to use modern versions of fire (central heating, electric and gas stoves, etc.) to shelter, eat and gather socially. 

    How can we continue to do that safely out of doors with our friends and family as the cold weather approaches? 

    Finkles can help you to create a warm outdoor space for your backyard or your business with outdoor living and outdoor heating products that we sell.

    It is more important than ever for us to stay connected in a safe and comfortable way. 

    If making an outside wood fire is too daunting, there are beautiful modern alternatives to create a warm outdoor social space. 

    There are outdoor fireplaces, firepits, firetables and urns that use propane or natural gas and can be controlled with the flip of a switch or remote control. 

    Outdoor heating units for your patio, deck or business are available in electric or gas.

    Finkles represents some of the highest quality manufacturers in the outdoor living and outdoor heating sector. 

    Visit to start dreaming of the beautiful gas-fired outdoor living products you can add to your backyard. 

    Plus, everything they make is made in the USA.

    For electric and gas outdoor heaters, you can visit, a world leader in outdoor heaters installed in some of the most luxurious resorts, restaurants and properties around the world. 

    Another world leader in electric fireplaces and outdoor heaters is

    Landscape lighting is another way to make the outside living space more convivial. 

    Or, simple outdoor LED string lights can enhance your outside “party” space. 

    Our steel shop can even fabricate the posts to hold up your lights.

    We can continue to exercise our humanity safely with a little warmth and conversation by providing ourselves with some modern fire. 

    And remember, the new B.Y.O.B. is “bring your own blanket.”

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