Dress to the 9’s Consignment Boutique: Don’t break the bank on your new fall wardrobe

by Tianna G. Hansen

Debbie Haines never thought in a million years she would call herself the owner of a consignment boutique in Newtown Borough, but she’s found herself setting down small business roots amidst a pandemic.

“It couldn’t be a worse time to open a business,” says Debbie. “I think if I can survive this, I should do fairly well with anything that comes my way.”

This hardened resilience brought Dress to the 9’s Consignment Boutique to the storefronts of Newtown, a cozy high-end store selling top quality fashion at lower prices.

Dress to the 9’s was originally intended to open in April, but wasn’t able to open until June 5th, due to state restrictions.

Debbie’s no stranger to owning her own business. “I’m a physical therapist and I’ve owned a few different practices, but this is an entirely new endeavor,” she says.

The inspiration for her niche shop came from enjoying her niece’s consignment store in Lake Placid, NY.

“I always shop in her store when I go up there. She’s very fashion and business savvy, and she created the most beautiful atmosphere – it’s not crammed with clothing, everything is fashionable, and the inventory she stocks is high quality.”

This is exactly what you can expect when you visit Dress to the 9’s.

At the end of August, Debbie completed her first transition of inventory from summer to fall wardrobe.

“It’s hard work, researching clothes and pricing them properly,” says Debbie. “I’m loving it.”

With the help of her consultant Laura, who brings 10 years of high-end consignment experience, Debbie is curating her space the way she dreams.

When you visit, expect to find upscale clothing – a range from standard athletic wear and Lululemon to designer clothes in pristine condition (including many New-With-Tags selections).

“I can afford to be very picky with my inventory, which means all our clothes are the highest quality,” says Debbie. “Our handbags are in amazing condition and all our shoes have never been worn.”

Some of the brands Debbie carries include Tory Burch, Burberry, Prada and Coach handbags and Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and Todds shoes.

You might be surprised by the treasures in-store – one of a kind finds to make your fall wardrobe stand out in style!

Fall skirts, sweaters, dresses, athletic wear, shoes and so much more await you.

Dress to the 9’s appeals to a broad range of people with all price points.

Debbie is excited for the future of Dress to the 9’s, and looks forward to the opportunity when she can open the store to full capacity and host social gatherings.

“One of my visions for the store is hosting a wine and cheese social shop with local musicians playing music – maybe for the holidays.”

Another dream Debbie has is hosting evening yoga classes; the ideas and opportunities are endless.

One thing’s for sure: there will be much to look forward to with this special shop in the heart of Newtown.

Call 215-944-8907 to consign or make an appointment.

Check out for more info, or visit them at 9 N. State Street and browse their delightful variety!

Hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00am until 5:00pm, and Sunday, noon until 4:00pm.

Follow them on Facebook @dresstothe9snewtown and Instagram @dresstothe9sconsign.

PHOTO CAP: Come visit Debbie Haines at Dress to the 9’s, 9 N. State Street in Newtown! Follow them on FB @dresstothe9snewtown and IG @dresstothe9sconsign.

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