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    Colder weather is sneaking up on us – be prepared!

    submitted by Rick Bruder, owner, Bruder Electric, Inc. 

    Fall is upon us, the air is cooler, the trees are changing color and the days are getting shorter. 

    As we adjust to the new routines of fall, the start of school, Halloween, etc. we need to be ready for what lies ahead. 

    Soon the holidays and winter will be upon us and I want to encourage everyone to be prepared in advance. 

    That’s right, COLD weather, freezing temperatures and yes, even snow.  It always seems that the winter sneaks up on us and we just don’t feel prepared to handle it. 

    There are lots of ways to get ready that we often don’t think about until we are in the midst of the storm. 

    Things such as: did you get new shovels for the snow? Did you get your ice melt for the ice on your walks and driveways? 

    If you wait until the first snowstorm, you probably will not be able to buy those, I see it happen all the time. 

    For us, we need to get pellets for the stove to offset our oil usage.  Others might need things as simple as new winter gloves or coats. 

    How about a good flashlight and batteries since it gets dark so fast?

    There are things that the Bruder Electric, Inc. team can help with, as well. 

    We install programmable thermostats to keep your house warm at the times you need it and cool it down a bit for when you don’t, saving you on heating costs.

    Standby generators can be installed to keep you house warm and your pipes from bursting when your power goes out on that cold December night. 

    Heat tape for those gutters that keep freezing and causing the ice to dam up under the roof. 

    Finally, as always, that extra outdoor security lighting so you don’t come home to a dark house after work and chance slipping on the icy walk or driveway.  

    The team at Bruder Electric, Inc., would like to wish everyone a relaxing and safe fall season. 

    If there is anything electrical needs that we can help you with, please give us a call today at 215-956-0988 or visit us at on the Web.

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