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    A bridge over troubled waters

    submitted by Stephen Castle, owner, Castle Garden Center 

    As the fall season is in full swing, we are filling the store with items you may find pleasing for your house and soul. 

    The store has plenty of pumpkins, fall decorations, straw, corn stalks, and mums. 

    We stock hundreds and thousands of these. 

    But the most comforting part of the season, is being able to be with family and friends. 

    I love surrounding myself with my children and grandchildren, sharing their happy experiences in a world filled with turmoil and confusion. 

    Just beyond their tiny world, is a place that moves at warp speed, is filled with people who create discord, and leaves a world aching for happiness. 

    What peace will you bring to your world? 

    Will you say a kind word in return for evil? 

    Will you lend an ear to a friend whose world is crashing down? 

    Will you touch a heart with kindness to a stranger?  

    In my small world of Lower Southampton, I try to reach out and touch one person each day. 

    Maybe it is a cup of coffee, maybe it is a smile. 

    Maybe it’s a prayer for a hurting friend, or maybe it’s a word of cheer? 

    All the earthly possessions I have in life are a gift, and I am the steward. 

    I try my best, fail often, but get up again each day and try to make my little corner a better place to live.

    I believe in forgiveness from God and of my fellow neighbor and try to make my words count each day. 

    And when I fall short, I look for the innocent smiles on the faces of the little ones who count the most in this time of my life. 

    They to me, are my bridge over troubled waters, a calming effect in any storm in life. 

    To those struggling with life, reach out to those who want to be a bridge. 

    A perfect season for a new start.

    Need to talk? 

    Help is available at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255.

    Stephen Castle is the owner of Castle Garden Center, a staple in the community for 36 years. 

    He is a former fire fighter and retired Police Officer in Lower Southampton. 

    He is pictured with three of his four grandchildren and has been married to Lynn for 38 years.

    PHOTO CAP: Steve Castle’s four grandchildren, and his daughter, Ali

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