Bridge Street Soap by Alyese Marie

    Bridge Street Soap By Alyese Marie is located in the heart of historic New Hope and gives residents and tourists alike an aromatic uplift.

    More than just shopping, we are an experience!

    We handmake most of our products with a focus on all-natural ingredients – and best of all, YOU have the option of joining in on the fun.

    Our Create Your Own Scent bar is a great opportunity to mix and match your favorite scents (or find a brand new scent you love!) and make your very own custom bath products.

    Pick a product, create a fragrance, and choose a tint for some personalized beauty fun.

    The aroma bar is currently limited to four people at a time to keep our customers safe. 

    You can call ahead to make sure to book a time slot, or visit us in person.

    We are sanitizing between every use, and maintaining a safe and clean environment.

    Come in to create your own hand sanitizer, among so many other wonderful products!

    Choose a scent from over 200 options at the aroma bar and add some fun fragrance to your self-care. 

    At Bridge Street Soap, we treat everyone like family, because we are family.

    Experience the luxurious quality of our products for yourself. 

    Our soaps, bath bombs, scrubs, lotions, oils and more are handmade in-shop (except for our Natural Soap Bars, which are made off-site but still by us!). 

    Try our all-natural soap, or for some added fun, our fortune cookie soaps with a unique fortune inside. 

    All-natural handmade lip balms (pick your flavor!) are going to be a favorite this fall season. 

    You can customize most of the products we offer, and wait a few minutes while we make them for you then and there.

    We do party favors!

    Speak with us if you’d like to customize products for a wedding or baby shower.

    We also offer wholesale options for businesses.

    When you visit our shop, our specialists can help you pick the perfect scent or bath product and ensure the ultimate relaxation and pampering for all your needs. 

    Want to book an after-hours birthday party with us?

    You can rent out a time slot with us – we’ve hosted everyone from Girl Scout troops to bachelorette parties.

    Give us a call at 215-862-2100 or stop in today at 15 E. Bridge Street, New Hope.

    We look forward to seeing you!

    PHOTO CAP: Alyese Marie

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