Anita Ayers-Robinson publishes debut novel, realizes lifelong dream

by Tianna G. Hansen

Anita Ayers-Robinson, of Morrisville, realized a lifelong dream when she became a published author and released her debut novel, “The Throwaways,” under the pen name Angel Ayers.

“This is the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” says Anita. “It’s magical to me; this was never going to happen – me becoming an author was like me becoming an astronaut.”

And like an astronaut, Anita tossed her dreams to the universe and discovered she could reach higher than she ever expected.

Now, she’s celebrating the fact that she’s living a life that doesn’t quite feel like reality.

“I walked into a shop the other day and someone I didn’t know was talking about my book,” she says. “It felt unreal.”

When Anita was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), she gave up a lot, forced to retire early at age 39 due to her health.

Anita was able to find a silver lining in this, and set out in pursuit of a feat she had never expected to accomplish.

Three years after she sat down with the first draft of her mystery thriller, Anita is now a published author.

“The Throwaways” explores subjects dear to Anita’s heart, centering around characters involved in or influenced by the foster system.

“My title, ‘The Throwaways’ – that’s what kids call themselves in the foster system,” Anita said. “Some of my characters want and try to adopt, but because of the smallest detail, can’t become a parent.”

This is true to life for Anita, who wanted to adopt a third child after learning she couldn’t have any more kids, but was met with obstacles due to unemployment, health, and income.

“I have so much love to give, I wish I could give it to one of these children who needs a home,” she said. “There are 860,000 kids a year in the foster system and if they aren’t adopted by age five, they never get adopted – it kills me.”

While her novel is a work of fiction, it explores these topics at a deep emotional level with real-to-life characters, and a true-to-life setting.

Each character, while fictional, contains a little piece of Anita.

“I have to become the characters in order to write them, so each one is left with part of me,” Anita says.

One of the characters in “The Throwaways” is diagnosed with MS, as well.

“I felt it was important to include a bit of awareness about what I live with daily through the eyes of one of my characters.”

The setting is also based in reality – a combination of Morrisville and Fairless Hills became Morris Hills in the novel, giving a realistic feeling for local readers.

Anita graduated from high school in Morrisville and has been a resident there for 30-some years.

If you’re picking up her novel, “Don’t skip the prologue!” Anita says. “If you do, you still won’t know who killed William Valentino.”

The novel was published by Friesen Press on August 5th, 2020.

Find “The Throwaways” by Angel Ayers on Amazon – don’t miss it before Anita releases a second novel, which she’s currently working on.

“I don’t have a title yet, but I’m working with some familiar characters from the first novel even though it’s a different story with new characters.”

Anita chose Angel as her pen name in tribute to her Poppop, who inspired her in every aspect of life.

She will always look back on this first novel with pride, and can’t thank the press and her editors enough, who helped every step of the way.

“Nobody can take this accomplishment from me now,” says Anita. “I will have this forever.”

Congrats, Anita “Angel”!

PHOTO CAP: Anita Ayers-Robinson, aka Angel Ayers, author of The Throwaways

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