HM Equestrian & Sport Horse – New Hope

    Tucked away in one of New Hope’s hidden valleys sits the new location of premier Equestrian center HM Equestrian & Sport Horse.

    The newly renovated property originally dates back over two and a half centuries.

    But the big news for this serene horse farm is the relocation of exploding business HM Equestrian & Sport Horse.

    “We made the move June 1st, in the middle of it all,” Heather Metz, owner and head trainer tells New Hope News.

    “We were shut down at our old public facility and knew it was time for us to find our own place or risk losing the lesson program and horses we love and spent the last 4 years making. When I saw that Holly Pond Farm was available, I jumped at the possibility of having a private facility in a fantastic location! I knew with research, cooperation from our clients and protocols we could open again and keep everyone safe. Shortly after the move, the area was lifted from the red zone and the new clients came flooding in at a rate nobody expected. We are very excited to be here!” 

    Not only are guests comforted by the private lesson appointments that are taken one-on-one with an instructor but the cleanliness and upkeep of the stables, equipment and horses is absolutely immaculate!  

    “You don’t realize you’re at a very active training stable with anywhere from 20-32 horses living on property and being exercised or trained daily,” Richie Bernard, Owner/Manager states. 

    Heather will ride anywhere from 2 to 8 horses and teach 6 to 8 hours a day! The couple works 6 sometimes 7 days a week depending what’s on the schedule.

    “It’s hard to get her to take a day off.” Richie laughs. “We have two additional instructors working under Heather but she still remains so involved with all of our clients here. No matter their age, riding level or intensity in the sport she knows who they are and what they are working on in their lessons. 

    “She’s always popping her head into lessons to make suggestions, finds time to catch up with parents and will make positive comments or cheers to students when she rides by on a training horse,” Richie says.

    Richie also has a huge role as manager of the entire operation.

    “Waking up every day to do this for a living, I know we are very lucky, especially to do it together. I take a lot of pride in managing this place and the horses we are bringing along. Personally owned or boarded horses, every horse in our barn gets what it needs.”

    The couple’s feelings are mutual.

    “We want to make sure you and especially your horse enjoy your time here. And most of all receive the highest level of care and education,” Heather states.

    This picturesque location, positive environment and top notch care aren’t the only reasons locals have enrolled their kids in a new sport or left their old facility behind and flocked to HM Equestrian and Sport Horse.

    New Hope Resident Kelly Marzullo’s has a daughter who is a student at HME and is just one of the many testaments to the uniqueness and professionalism of this Equestrian Center. 

    “My daughter, age 8, has been riding with HM Equestrian & Sport Horse for almost 2 years. From the very first lesson, Heather has instilled in her that the care and maintenance of the horses comes first and the riding follows. Every lesson starts with grooming and preparing the horse, before they head into the ring to ride. This has taught my daughter to respect the horses and allows her to connect with them on the ground, which makes the connection during her rides that much easier. I’m always amazed to see her controlling such a large animal with still being so little herself. 

    Over the two years, my daughter has ridden many different lesson horses and every one of them has been patient and truly taken care of her. They are all very well loved and very well trained! 

    My daughter truly looks up to Heather as a mentor. Heather always takes the time to explain to her how to fix her position on the horse or how to ask the horses to do what she wants. She never tires of my daughter asking questions or offering to help with barn work. Heather truly loves to teach her passion and loves seeing her clients share in that same love of horses. The skills and lessons she’s taught in the last two years have given my daughter amazing confidence! 

    Heather and her fiancé Richie have built a family. Every one of their riders looks out for each other. Everyone works together as a team and it’s just an amazing place to be a part of!    

    We are so thankful we found HME and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things to come for HM Equestrian and Sport Horse!!”

    This is the perfect opportunity to get you and your kids out of the house and into something new and unique, right here in New Hope!


    PHOTO: Front row, left to right, Addie Marano and Carina Marzullo; Center row, left to right, Rylie Sim, Meghan McCallum, Sasha Morgan and Sophia Morton; Back row, left to right, Richie Bernard (owner/manger) and Heather Metz (owner/head trainer).

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