Virtual field trips at the Old Barracks Museum

    The Old Barracks Museum is bringing history online!

    Due to COVID-19, the Old Barracks Museum, located at 101 Barrack Street, Trenton, is offering “Connecting to the Revolution” virtual field trips so students can experience an interactive history lesson with a costumed historical interpreter from the distance of their desks.

    School administrators are developing plans to keep students safe from the spread of COVID-19 while still providing a structured and engaging approach to education.

    Of the many experiences that students will miss this year, whether they spend the entire school year in the classroom, at home, or a mix of the two, is the annual field trip.

    Nearly 10,000 New Jersey students visit the Old Barracks Museum every year to get up close and personal with America’s revolutionary history.

    Without access to field trips, students will miss out on an opportunity to learn about history in a way that is educational and accessible.

    In order to keep that connection alive, virtual field trips are being offered for the 2020-2021 school year.

    ​Students will travel to the Old Barracks Museum right from the convenience of their classroom.

    The virtual field trips weave together live conversations with historical interpreters, videos, and images of artifacts to immerse students in 18th century history.

    Multiple programs can be combined to expand the classroom all the way back to 1777, all without students leaving the safety of their desks.

    This program is especially popular with fourth and fifth grade students, as it ties directly into their curriculum and satisfies many Core Curriculum Standards.

    Pre- and post-program activities are available to enhance the experience.

    Programs are 45 minutes long, available for classrooms up to 30 students, and will be administered via Google Classroom or Zoom. Alternate platforms may be available upon request.

    The first program is $150; additional programs are $125 each. There are eight program options to choose from, so you can ensure your students are getting an in-depth experience.

    • Meet the Past: Your group will travel back in time to 1777 where they will be recruited into General George Washington’s Army. A soldier will prepare them for the realities of soldier’s life and even provide a musket demonstration. They will be shown how the Old Barracks was integral in protecting soldiers from smallpox and learn about the inoculations that took place there as well as common 18th century medical practices. Classes will meet with a witness to the Battle of Trenton who recounts the challenges of the crossing, the march, and the battle.
    • New Jersey Divided: Discuss the opinions of the Loyalists who remained faithful to the Crown and debate the choices faced by New Jersey colonists.
    • Patriots in Petticoats: Learn about the lives of real women from the Revolutionary era and their contributions both at home and on the battlefield.
    • On His Majesty’s Service: Examine the other side of the story. Students gain perspective and learn about the experiences of British soldiers who fought in North America during the Revolution.
    • Fighting for My Freedom: Hear the experiences of an African American soldier during the American Revolution.
    • Of Arms and Men: Explore the lives of revolutionary soldiers through their uniforms, weapons, and equipment.
    • All is Threatened and Endangered – New Jersey in the French and Indian War: Based on their featured gallery, explore New Jersey’s contributions to the French and Indian war as British Soldiers fighting in North America.
    • Powder, Potion, Bolus, and Pill: Watch demonstrations and explanations of 18th century medical practices and treatments, including the successful smallpox inoculations that took place at the barracks and helped to eradicate the disease and turn the tide of the Revolution.

    The Old Barracks Museum invites everyone to visit to learn more about these programs.

    To book a program, e-mail or call 1-888-BARRACK.

    The spread of COVID-19 is a very serious issue, and everyone must band together to help flatten the curve.

    The Old Barracks was one of George Washington’s mandated smallpox inoculation hospitals in the American Revolution and helped control that very deadly and contagious disease.

    We are all doing our part today to control the spread of COVID-19 and the Old Barracks Museum is making the necessary adaptations to remain true to its mission of educating students about New Jersey’s crucial role in the American Revolution.

    The Old Barracks Museum is currently open for groups up to 10 people with advanced reservations required. Tickets are available at

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