The Dance Academy in Holland

    Academic and art enhancement program to support remote learning

    The Dance Academy in Holland has been part of the Bucks County community for several decades.  As the artistic director and owner, I have considered myself blessed to be able to unlock the studio doors each day to share my passion and love of dance with the wonderful families, students, faculty and staff who are like family.

    Never have I considered myself or our staff “essential” …. that is, until I received a text message in July from a parent of a student, who is a nurse, and a definite hero and essential employee in my book.  

    Her message read “Thank you for the balance and spark that you brought back to my daughter’s life. Since March she has been worried about so many things. Going to bed tonight she said her day had been the best day ever now that real live dance classes were back. It felt great to just dance and not feel afraid.  I appreciate all that you are doing to make these live classes work and I pray that you will be able to continue.”  Her message stunned me.

    As students began to return to class, I could see how much their worlds had been impacted by Covid-19. The disappearance of the school day as they knew it, the shutdowns, quarantine, canceled play dates, had taken its toll. They were quiet, subdued, eager to dance, but somehow timid. The bubbling energetic personalities from March were buried deep.  After a few classes, I began to see the self-confidence, enthusiasm, and sparkle come back!  

    This fall at TDA we will be offering an Academic and Art Enhancement, a support program to remote learning. We will also offer our live dance classes as well as virtual options.  

    We are dedicated in providing a safe and productive environment to help support children during virtual learning.

    Our goal is to provide an option for families who may need assistance with academic responsibilities affiliated with remote learning while working at home. Our program is also intended to help bridge the gap between virtual learning and face-to-face learning for children who thrive on interaction while maintaining a small, safe learning environment.

    The Dance Academy’s Academic and Art Enhancement Program is open to elementary and middle school students. For more information please contact us at 215-860-9530 or on the web at

    PHOTO CAP: At TDA it’s more than just a dance class, kids make friendships that last a lifetime

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