Susan Apollon, Psychologist and Author

    As the daughter, mother and sister of physicians, I passionately work to help those who are in need experience renewal and well-being.

    In private practice for more than 30 years, my intention has been to enable healing for those who hurt emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

    Healing is the restoration of balance, harmony and peace.

    What expedites healing is compassionate, caring support; having someone who really listens and genuinely cares about you, and who offers you a variety of proven helpful tools.

    These are what I provide.

    The pandemic has exacerbated our worries, concerns and fears, and it has led to increased depression.

    We grieve our former life: work, connecting with loved ones, and those who have died due to COVID-19.

    In mourning, we unconsciously bring up the stored energy of our past losses which feels identical to what we presently grieve – causing us to feel extreme pain.

    I help you process your grief, get from today to tomorrow, and find your way back to life, peace and harmony.

    I am honored to work with those challenged with cancer.

    Having had breast cancer, I bring a personal awareness of the need to have someone with whom we feel safe enough to express our fears and concerns, as well as our need for hope, faith, meaning and empowerment.

    With all those I see, especially those who grieve or have cancer, I share my scientific research dealing with near-death experiences, mind, consciousness, life after life, energy and prayer.

    This brings an awareness that we are connected to something greater, a force that is loving and wise, which touches our soul and offers us great comfort.

    When we grow our souls, we feed our mind, body and spirit – and we heal.

    Love is a key component of my work.

    Whether we grieve, are ill or are stressed, we tend to forget to love and care for ourselves.

    Healing requires that we choose compassionate love – for ourselves first, for others and for all humanity.

    Healing requires love.

    For information and appointments, please call 215-493-8434.

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