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    Have you been running or playing hard all summer?

    Maybe you are more the weekend warrior type who goes all out for the game, then limps home.

    Or maybe you work on your feet all day and find your feet ache at night and sting in the morning. Whether you are having pain during your activities or when walking around the house barefoot, it’s a great time to reflect and take stock of your probable overuse injuries.

    “No pain, no gain!”…right?

    WRONG! I’m not talking about the burning feeling in your muscles with prolonged strenuous activity. I mean the pain that is sharp or shooting, the kind that makes you limp. Cramping pain will come and go, but when the pain is there the next day and then the next week you should start considering the presence of an overuse injury. These types of injuries can be insidious (gradual and cumulative) and chronic if not address properly. 

    It’s common to hear a patient say, “I thought it would just get better on it’s own.”  There is truth in that logic, because until that point in most people’s lives, things do usually get better. But sometimes they don’t, and denial of an overuse injury can lead to increased pain, loss of function, time off from work and play activities, or even catastrophic injury. 

    The good news is that we can help these issues. It all starts with self-awareness and a commitment to getting yourself better. Ask yourself, “How long would I make someone I loved suffer in pain till they sought medical attention?” The answer is usually no time at all. So why are you or your loved ones waiting?

    I am realist and I know that few people like going to the doctor. It’s rarely convenient, it’s sometimes uncomfortable, and you might not hear what you want to hear. At Sohl Foot & Ankle we try to address these issues head on. We make great efforts to be flexible when scheduling our patients to accommodate all our busy schedules with same day or next day appointments. Patients get the full attention of Dr. Sohl with his compassionate bedside manner. And when it’s time to diagnose and plan, Dr. Sohl works with his patients to form achievable treatment goals without trying to sell expensive products and services. 

    If you have foot or ankle pain, stop kicking the can down the road. It’s time to call Sohl Foot & Ankle and take your first step towards pain free walking. Call 267-699-3839 today.

    PHOTO CAP: Don’t ignore that ache or pain any longer

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