Pine2Pink expanding in 2020

submitted by Keith Fenimore

Pine2Pink has been an amazing journey so far.

A main driver behind launching the foundation, was to try and improve upon the aspects of fundraising that were either antiquated, uninspired or both.

We wanted to innovate the way people engage with a nonprofit.

Pine2Pink is setting new standards for how to effectively raise money, and has evolved into a community driven, experience based non-profit that is expanding and changing the lives of local breast cancer patients.

We began in Doylestown in 2018. Then in 2019 expanded to New Hope, Peddler’s Village and Carversville. This year we are expanding again, as we welcome the town of Perkasie.

You can visit all these towns during the entire month of October and engage with Pine2Pink in a variety of ways that are meaningful to you.

For those of you who don’t know Pine2Pink, we set out to takeover and transform towns during the month of October.

The pillars of our non-profit are to be transparent, use 100% of the donations to help breast cancer patients, and keep all the funds we raise LOCAL to help those in need in our area.

We are community-driven and experience-based. We create an immersive month-long experience that people can participate in.

So we take over towns by turning them pink.

We change Pine Street to Pink Street, we launch a virtual scavenger hunt through our app, which you can download for free in the App Store and at Google Play, where people capture virtual pink ribbons for prizes.

Finally, we partner with local retailers to sell Pine2Pink products with proceeds benefitting the foundation.

Everything from Pine2Pink Pizza, to tea, beer, honey, burgers and bagels. Last year we raised $90,000, can we exceed that in 2020? We’re sure going to try!

We allocate the funds to amazing local programs like covering out-of-pocket expenses for patients, purchasing state-of-the-art infusion chairs, and bringing free integrated services to patients who need them.

Help us make this year the most successful year yet. Visit our website to learn more and donate,

**We have a virtual event during the weekend of October 3rd and 4th. Save the date for the “Pine2Pink Yoga and Fitness Fest.” Many of the best fitness experts and yoga instructors in Bucks County will be running donation based, virtual classes all weekend long.**

PHOTO CAP: Keith Fenimore and Pine2Pink volunteer Brittany Brown in Perkasie.

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