Non Solo Pasta – Morrisville

    Regular customers enter Non Solo Pasta for their usual lunch or dinner, taking their places at favorite tables.

    Owner Gennaro Scotto d’Antuono passes to greet them, occasionally stopping to answer a question about a newly created item showcased on the specials menu, updated daily.

    It is the typical scene, yet a close look at the menu suggests this is not your everyday dining experience.

    The family owned and operated business not only has many of the staples common to Italian Cuisine, but also original dishes crated with quality and tradition in mind.

    Gennaro moved from Naples, Italy, to Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 1986 at the age of 23 in the pursuit of bringing original dishes authentic to the cuisine from his home in southern Italy to the New World.

    He continuously rotates his special menu items, allowing epicures and adventurous diners the opportunity to experience something unexpectedly different.

    Prior to owning this restaurant, Gennaro was a merchant marine and worked with relatives and friends in pizza shops.

    In 1996, Gennaro purchased the former Sal and Jerry’s, honoring the former owners by changing the name to Non Solo Pasta by Sal and Jerry, and then simply to Non Solo Pasta (Not Only Pasta).

    Indoors, pristine tablecloths cover well-spaced tables, and black-and-white photos of scenes from his hometown adorn bright white walls.

    Outdoors is an attractive canopy-covered patio.

    The menu lists a multitude of offerings, with descriptions highlighting the unique and mouth-watering qualities and featured ingredients of each dish.

    Start with a cocktail from the service bar, followed by an appetizer of Gennaro’s original recipe tuna tartare, or grilled octopus drizzled with Mediterranean herb citronette. Specials of the day may feature rabbit, grass-fed meats, bison steaks, Piedmontese meat, succulent Chilean bass, exceptional crabmeat, and colossal shrimp and scallops.

    Choose a bottle from an attractive wine list, or ask for Gennaro’s suggestion for an interesting pairing.

    Gennaro is grateful for the opportunity to allow patrons to try a new dish for the very first time.

    He consistently scours cooking journals and travels to his homeland and beyond or inspiration every year.

    Recently, Non Solo Pasta was granted a license to sell carryout wines through its Viacolvino Outfit.

    Diners may purchase their favorite bottle of wine along with six-packs of premium beers to enjoy at home with their take-out orders.

    Non Solo Pasta is located at 900 W. Trenton Avenue, Morrisville.

    Call 215-736-0750 or visit

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