Morrisville United Methodist Church

    During the pandemic and lockdown, Morrisville United Methodist Church has been working to meet the spiritual and nutritional needs of the community.

    On March 14th, the leadership of the church met to discuss how to continue to be the church for one another and for our community as our building would be shut down for an unknown period of time.

    We had no concept of how different everything would be for the next five months, but we knew we needed to be the love of Christ in the hurting world around us.

    A small team of people went to work to make our Sunday morning worship experience accessible to everyone in their home.

    To worship with us, a full live-streamed service is available through our website, MUMCPA.ORG and YouTube.

    A larger team of people went to work figuring out how to network with local organizations such as Advocates for the Homeless and Those in Need (AHTN), Interfaith Food Alliance (IFA) and Ivins Outreach Center to provide food and financial resources to people in our community.

    We have been able to provide hundreds of hot take-out meals to our homeless and hungry or isolated friends each month.

    Anyone is welcome to receive these meals.

    The food bank located in our church building is open to anyone – no questions asked – just call to set up a time to come in, 215-295-9593.

    We believe God has called us to love our neighbor – especially those in need during this pandemic.

    Since the middle of July our sanctuary is open to in-person worship at 10:00am.

    Most people, however, are choosing to remain in the safety of their home and to participate through the live streaming.

    We also hold a simple in-person worship time each Sunday evening at 7:00pm in our outdoor worship center where communion is offered each week.

    All are welcome!

    The Morrisville United Methodist Church is nestled in the community of Morrisville at 501 W. Maple Avenue, right behind the high school, and accessible from Maple Avenue.

    All are welcome to enjoy the peaceful outside area with a basketball hoop and picnic tables, or the quiet space of the worship center.

    If there is any way we can help your family through this difficult time, we hope you will ask! 

    If you would like to give toward our nutrition ministries, you can do so through the website or contact us for more information.

    Phone: 215-680-9662, website: MUMCPA.ORG,

    PHOTO CAP: A volunteer prepares meals at Morrisville United Methodist Church

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