How are you?

submitted by Tracey Reed,  Warminster Township Library Director

I stopped using “How are you?” as a greeting many years ago. 

It’s ubiquity made it meaningless; no one really wants to know how you’re doing as you pass them on the sidewalk, nor do they hear the “Fine” or “Great” that automatically comes out to answer. 

I greet people with “Heya” or “Hi.” 

But I find myself, seemingly randomly and not all the time, asking people how they’re doing now, and waiting for the answer instead of rushing on with my day. 

I think it’s the need for connection, to understand how others are doing with the all of 2020. 

I want to know if you are OK; I want to know if you’re not OK. 

It matters to me in this year of great uncertainty. 

I also want to know if there are things I can do to help. 

Because we all need a bit of help these days. 

The seemingly simple act of taking a moment to talk and listen can be a lifeline for someone. 

The Library offers all sorts of connections: to information, to entertainment, to people. 

And while the in-person programming is off the table because of the pandemic, we have many virtual programs that allow you to interact with people. 

We also are offering an ongoing pen pal program to reach seniors and differently-abled adults in one of Warminster’s assisted living facilities. We have exercise programs in partnership with AirMed Wellness. 

Art and craft programs for all ages. 

Online live book club discussions. 

Discussions about social injustice in partnership with the YWCA. 

These are just a few of our offerings, for a complete list and schedule, please check out the link below.

Reaching out to the world around you feels awkward now. 

The Library is a familiar place, open to all, where you can expand your reach and touch the world around you while still being safe. 

Come check us out; I may even ask how you’re doing.

Reach out with questions or comments:
For information about our virtual programs, please check out our Calendar of Events:

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