Fletcher’s Garage – Fairless Hills

    Firing on all cylinders

    Fletcher’s Garage just recently celebrated one full year at their Fairless Hills location at the corner of Hood and S. Olds Boulevards!

    It’s been a very busy and successful Homecoming.

    “This is the best community and I am so proud to be part of it,” said Fred Fletcher, owner. “My family lives here in the neighborhood and I aim to be the ‘go-to’ auto shop in the area.”

    The love and support from the community has been heartwarming to say the least.

    “My customers are not just customers to me. I look at every one as a friend! We’ve been able to keep going through this pandemic thanks to all of our friends and customers,” says Fred. “It’s been challenging, but I absolutely enjoy coming to work and serving our customers automotive needs!”

    As well as all of your standard automotive needs such as Pa Safety/Emissions Inspections, computerized diagnostics, maintenance, brakes, and more, Fletcher’s has added a new service of Computerized Wheel Alignments and upgraded their Tire equipment to better serve all on-the- road needs.

    They’ve also partnered with their supplier, Allen Tire Wholesalers, to bring in two new lines of tires on top of all others, Nexen and GT Radial.

    “I’ve done my research on these lines, and mileage to dollar, they are the highest rated tire available!”

    The main message that Fred wants to put out to his community is his candidness.

    “I know how I want to be treated when I go into a business,” he says. “I want an honest and thorough explanation of the service being done. You may not like what I have to say, but I can promise you it will be the truth! After seeing what some customers have experienced elsewhere, I’ve never been more assured in how I conduct myself. The truth and being upfront is the only way to build a successful business. There’s enough work out there to do it honestly.”

    Fred has surrounded himself with employees that carry the same values.

    “Joe Andujar, Rob Swaim and Cris Street have made Fletcher’s the ‘Neighborhood Shop’ that we planned and always strive to be. This really is our ‘Happy Place!’ I love our identity!”

    They’ve recently been nominated as one of AAA’s “America’s Top Shops.”

    Fletcher’s Garage is truly “Hitting on all cylinders!” (pun intended). 

    Give them a call 215-295-4931 or follow on Facebook @ Fletcher’s Garage.

    PHOTO CAP: From left, owner Fred Fletcher, Joe Andujar and Rob Swaim.

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