Exact Solar Thinks About the Future

And the future must be carbon neutral

While Exact Solar continues to service our eastern Pennsylvania community to utilize solar power and save money, we aren’t losing sight of larger goals for an environmentally stable future extending beyond clean energy.

That means we are all in with the growing push for reducing carbon emissions across the board to achieve what many call a net-zero or a carbon neutral point by no later than 2050, and we encourage our community to join us – here’s how:

Starting with fossil fuels – the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) recommends energy companies take steps to immediately invest in zero-carbon technology and infrastructure en route to reducing total fossil fuel production.

Transforming energy infrastructure requires citizens and watchdogs to demand better environmental planning from the industry as well as to steadily monitor activities that impact today’s environment.

Recently, the Mariner East Pipeline project has repeatedly caused environmental damage during its construction and environmental groups have raised alarms about sink holes and drilling fluid discharge that is threatening the health of Marsh Creek Lake, a local drinking water source near Downingtown in Chester County.

On a larger scale, the US government is pushing forward with plans to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeastern Alaska, which according to some analysts no longer makes economic sense due to reduced demand and drastically lower market prices for the fuel.

Our constant and detailed attention and loud objections are needed to prevent waste and these environmental threats.

For the energy supply transformation to be most effective, we must also adjust our demand by changing how we use energy and how much of it we use.

Electrifying transportation is the single most impactful way to drastically reduce the consumption of oil and gas and nearly eliminate combustion emissions.

Retrofitting structures to be more energy efficient and applying net-zero architecture and construction where homes and buildings self-produce energy and supply heating and cooling fluids through geothermal wells are booming industries.

Locally a new visitors center at Millersville University is a great example of a public space that is energy neutral in this way.

Exact Solar welcomes every opportunity to help local homeowners and businesses reach their own energy independence made possible with a solar energy system.

But just as important, we look forward to seeing our neighbors and community members join us as we collectively work to arrive at an environmentally sustainable future. Visit our website to learn more about energy and ways to participate in securing the carbon neutral future.

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