Castle Garden Center – Lower Southampton

    The time for fall gardening is here.

    Hopefully you made it through the heat of the summer, and after spending some restful moments at the shore or the mountains, you are ready to work on the yard again.

    Your yard and garden should be a work in progress.

    Does anything really ever get finished?

    Once you completed a task, a new one will certainly pop up right under your nose.

    There are several things that you want to consider on these cooler days of autumn.

    Grass – If your yard is like mine, you tried and tried to get beautiful grass to grow. The weeds are gaining strength, and it is time to start pulling or spraying to get the main weeds out. You can make your own organic weed killer from vinegar, water and soap, or buy a commercial brand. Be sure to follow safety instructions. A weed and feed is also available for lawns that look nice, and just need a boost of energy.

    Shrubs – If the deer haven’t trimmed your bushes for you, the fall season is a good time to do some clean up. Don’t cut too hard, and new buds will be forming for the following spring season. Trim off broken branches, sickly looking branches, and a fall fertilizer is okay this time of year.

    Perennials – Perennials have a season, some shorter, some longer than annuals. Plants that have shared their beauty can be cleaned up now. Now is not the time for transplanting. Your local garden center may be getting ready to clear the shelf, so watch for specials.

    Mulch – If your beds suffered damage, most garden centers are clearing out their inventory. Replace mulch that has washed away, or complete what you should have done in the spring. 

    Vegetables – Your vegetable garden can still grow beans, peas, cabbage, and broccoli. Churn up your soil and plant, or use the shovel to work in your organic matter for next season.

    People who work the soil and plants don’t complete everything in one day.

    It is a work in progress.

    They learn to love new flowers, fragrances, butterflies, birds, colors, and even a squirrel or two.

    Enjoy your time in the garden this fall.

    Get ready to decorate for the fall season with mums, pumpkins, straw and festive Indian Corn.

    Green thumbs up to all.

    PHOTO CAP: Steve Castle is the owner of Castle Garden Center, a staple in the community since 1985. He is a former firefighter and police officer in Lower Southampton, father to three kids, grandfather of four, and married to Lynn of 38 years.

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