Brady’s Botanicals – Morrisville

    Legal THC without a Medical I.D. card

    A brief F.A.Q. with Roger and Sharon of Brady’s Botanicals

    “Our products have been a game changer for adults, adolescents, and pets suffering from ailments such as severe anxiety, pain (arthritic, menstrual, neuropathic, muscular), nausea, migraines, sleep disorders, and much more.”

    Since launching their highly concentrated Delta 8 THC, Brady’s Botanicals has become the local source for accessibility to legally purchase THC products.

    How can Brady’s Botanicals legally offer these products to the public? 

    “Under our state and federal agricultural pilot program, we are compliant, authorized and permitted to grow, harvest and process all constituents of the plant including our highly concentrated Delta 8 THC.”

    “All of this means that users have access to USDA certified organic whole plant products ranging from smokable flower, tinctures, capsules, edibles, topicals, and vaporizers without requiring a medical I.D. card.”

    Brady’s Botanicals is much more than retailers or resellers of CBD and THC.

    Roger and Sharon are certified in Endocannabinoid Medicine.

    “We have a deep-rooted understanding of how the regulatory system works and how to stimulate the receptor system via mode of administration and dosages to gain positive outcomes for those that need it by supporting body systems including: Immune, Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Nervous system and more.”

    Do I just walk in and make a purchase?

    “In many cases you may walk in and speak with one of our trained staff members and purchase products. With more severe conditions we recommend that you call in advance for a free consultation.”

    Purchases can be made in store, online or at Brady’s live events of which are posted on their website.

    Does Brady’s Botanicals work with physicians and veterinarians?

    “Yes, we (Roger and Sharon) are expertly trained in ECS medicine and prepared to answer questions about drug interactions, best modes of administration and dosages. Doctors and Veterinarians can and do work with us by referring patients to us.”

    Brady’s Botanicals has become the leader in product education, modes of administration and dosage recommendations. They even offer useful accessories that help users control temperatures when smoking their artisan flower and reward points that accumulate discounts towards purchases. Be sure to follow their social media pages and stop by the store!

    Brady’s Botanicals is located at 925 Lincoln Highway, Morrisville, (next to Michael’s Restaurant).

    Text or call at (833) 692-7239 or visit online at

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