Twining Village: Helping seniors thrive in place

by Tianna G. Hansen

People today are living longer and living older, so it makes sense that at some point they will experience a time when they need assistance.

Twining Village has been part of the community it serves for nearly 40 years, offering older adults the opportunity for a caring, vibrant and independent lifestyle.

This retirement community offers a full continuum of care, spanning from independent living, personal and memory care, to skilled nursing and short and long-term rehabilitation.

“In all levels of care, we give residents the type of services and support they need,” says Daniella Pantal, Personal Care Administrator. “We help seniors thrive in place.”

This thriving is what Twining Village focuses on, aiming for all their residents to live as independently as possible with an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

In their independent living, you’ll find people who choose to come into the community for various reasons: the social aspect of being surrounded by people their age, opportunity to participate in activities, trips and events, and many amenities offered to the Twining Village community.

These amenities include an auditorium for concerts and plays, woodworking shop, indoor greenhouse, billiards lounge, salon, cocktail lounge, library, and so much more!

For older adults who need a little more support with daily activities, Twining Village offers personal care tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

“Everyone is different,” says Daniella. “Some people may need help with meals every day, socialization, or a safety net of nurses and staff around 24/7. Others need help dressing, bathing, or other daily tasks.”

Personal care is an umbrella for several programs, including their secured memory unit specializing in Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Their Bridge to Home program is a 30-day program designed for people who are discharged from a hospital or another nursing home but need a little more time to heal.

This helps older adults transition back home.

Also offered at Twining Village is short- and long-term rehab or skilled nursing.

Short-term rehab includes physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

Long-term skilled nursing is for residents who are fully dependent and require 24/7 nursing care and aid.

Whether residents enter the community through independent living and gradually progress through different levels of care available or they’re in need of personal care, Twining Village will offer the support and care older adults need to feel safe, secure, and cared for.

For many residents, Twining Village is home.

For others, it offers a respite in personal and memory care, when residents may need a specific period of time to stay.

Perhaps their family is traveling and they can’t join, or they undergo surgery that requires extra time to heal outside the hospital.

“Our residents are family,” says Daniella. “We love and care for them as a family; we bond with them.”

While other communities may boast similar amenities, Twining Village goes the extra mile in customer service and quality care.

“We treat each person, and their family members, with dignity and respect.”

Above all, Twining Village is honored to serve you.

They welcome inquiries for loved ones and families and are currently offering virtual tours.

To schedule a tour or other inquiries, contact Patrick Donohue at 215-396-7446.

Twining Village is located at 380 Middle Holland Road, Holland.

Allow them to help you begin the journey.

PHOTO CAP: Twining Village offers a full continuum of care and has been serving the local community for almost 40 years.

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