Surviving a pandemic: The choice for you – victim or victor?

submitted by Susan B. Apollon, Psychologist & Author,

How do you see yourself handling this pandemic?

As a victim who is grieving, anxious, fearful, feels unbalanced and wants others to care for you?

Or, as a victor who takes responsibility to regain a sense of control and well-being?

By balancing your thoughts, you have the greatest chance of surviving and thriving and being a victor!

To achieve balance, find opportunities to consciously choose to focus on higher vibrational thoughts that help you feel hopeful, serene, and calm.

These enable you to smile and laugh.

Such thoughts include your hopes, dreams, intentions, children, grandchildren, past and future vacations and inspirational true stories – as well as your favorite activities like walking, hiking, watching a favorite movie or talking with a loved one!

Creating balance and inner peace means you make a conscious choice to perceive yourself as a victor regarding your circumstances rather than as a victim.

You can either choose to cry, grieve, be angry, shirk your responsibilities and find blame with others, or you can appropriately acknowledge your feelings, and then find ways to manage your situation that will help you feel worthy and good about yourself.

A victim feels sorry for himself or herself – and places responsibility on others for his or her quality of life.

He or she has a “poor me” perspective on life. Little joy or personal fulfillment is experienced.

However, a victor recognizes that his or her quality of life and sense of personal joy rest on the decisions he or she makes about assumed responsibilities.

A rule of thinking (and energy) is that whatever you focus on, you create.

Your thoughts are energy and “like energy attracts like energy.” By focusing only on pain and suffering, you create more of the same – due to the brain chemicals produced by the vibrational impact of such thoughts.

When you focus on what feels good, lifts you and inspires you, you produce brain chemicals that enable your body to support your immune system and feel better.

Seeing yourself as a victim energetically depletes you; whereas, perceiving yourself positively, as a victor, strengthens and supports you. As always, the choice is yours. 

Please talk to your doctor or a therapist if your grief is overwhelming you, making it impossible for you to refocus your thoughts and function appropriately.

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