The Montessori School – Morrisville

    Montessori is…

    *For All Children – Montessori is based on the fundamental stages of child development. It does not matter how fast or slow a child may be able to proceed through those stages. All children follow the same developmental progression so Montessori works for all children.

    *Movement – Children must be able to move in order to develop. They must be able to manipulate objects with their hands to learn and acquire small motor control.  They must be able to move their whole body to perfect their large motor control.

    *Choice – Children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning.  All children have their own unique set of interests and talents. Montessori offers experiences that are intrinsically interesting to children. Then, when the child is ready, the Montessori classroom offers other activities to broaden their horizons.

    *Structured – The Montessori classroom is organized following a sequence of skills’ mastery in all areas of development. Children are introduced to an activity or concept. Then the child is given time to practice with it for as long as they want or need to be able to master it. Once children show mastery of the concept, they are introduced to the next activity in the sequence.

    *Social – Children are encouraged to work by themselves, with a friend, or in a group. The choice is theirs. Because they choose how to work with an activity, their social skills mature. They learn how to initiate, cooperate, collaborate, compromise, and respectfully express themselves. These are all important life skills.

    *Academic – The Montessori classroom always has materials ready for each child’s stage in learning. There are always activities available to enhance motor skills, sequence, focus, organization, oral language, reading, math concepts, geography, and science themes. The children who graduate from our Kindergarten are recognized for their competence.

    *Confidence Building – Montessori children see how competent they have become when they help the younger children in the classroom, when they master new activities, and when they visually see all they have accomplished on the shelves of the classroom. Competence instills confidence.

    If you would like to learn more about what Montessori is, visit www.TMS-Montessori.comor contact The Montessori School at 215-295-1170, or e-mail Mary Ann Jackson at

    The Montessori School is located at 501 West Maple Avenue in Morrisville.  

    PHOTO CAP: Getting ready for the new school year, Jack is trying out a plexiglass divided table at The Montessori School.

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