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    Color correction for our community

    It is so great to be open once more! 

    In our three-month absence your hair has probably endured either neglect or incredible stress during the quarantine. 

    My staff and I feel like doctors because we are wearing masks, completely disinfecting our operating room and tools after each patient and prescribing a cure for hair that is every color under the sun thanks to home hair coloring kits. 

    We also see numerous clients who present with 50 shades of pool and sun damage. 

    People with three inches of roots can still be seen in the grocery store.  We are here to use every tool in our very extensive color correction arsenal to remediate three months of carnage inflicted upon your hair.  Hair color correction is prescriptive. 

    If each level of color on the hair shaft is different, then it requires different treatment to each level. 

    A common problem is dark, almost black ends from multiple home color applications. 

    We have gentle products that can help to remove this color mistake.  Another problem is having excessive regrowth at your root area. 

    If this is the case, hair color must be processed and timed differently according to how close to the scalp it is. 

    The scalp produces warmth and therefore causes the hair closest to the scalp to process more rapidly, so overall timing is essential. 

    If the color is not applied correctly you will have what we call, “hot roots.” 

    This is when the hair at the root is unnaturally lighter and brighter than the hair on the rest of the head. 

    Another reason for hot roots is applying the wrong color to naturally white hair in more mature clients. 

    White hair always shows an intensity of the base color in the product that you are using. 

    Does your once beautiful blonde hair now look dull, ashy, or even green from chlorine and mineral deposit damage caused by swimming or well water in the area? 

    We have “The Malibu MakeOver” conditioning treatment to remove these deposits and condition your 50 shades of pool hair. 

    Salon In Vogue is here to help you! 

    We are in Washington Crossing, right next to the Post Office, and are practicing a strict safety policy to protect our beloved community. 

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    PHOTO CAP: Applying color-correction technology, Carol Lipson (left) performs the delicate color matching process on fellow hair stylist, Shiela Adamczyk, assisted by Nicole Villa. Not pictured is stylist Stacey Haney.

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