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    During these interesting times it occurred to us that people need financial planning more now than ever. 

    The number one complaint we hear from clients regarding past advisor relationships is that they never hear from their advisors, especially during volatile times. 

    To help counteract this, during this pandemic we have dedicated our time to communication, reviewing our clients’ investments and fine tuning their financial plans where needed. 

    Thankfully, we planned for these “what if’s” and our clients endured a more stable ground and were able to bounce back quickly. 

    Confirming why people need financial plans.

    Thinking past our client base into our community, we hear common stories of people losing their jobs, people closing their businesses for good and people losing everything. 

    It has truly been heartbreaking and the people most affected are those that needed those steady incomes the most.

    Then came the question…what can we do right now? 

    The answer was of course to do what we have always done, which is help people navigate tough financial decisions. 

    And not just for our clients but also extending our services to our clients’ family and friends as well, because if they are important to our people, they are important to us.

    Our main focus is always to build up the people in our community and the time to reach out and communicate more is not just during the good times, but also the challenging moments like these. 

    And with this in mind we are proud to play whatever small part we can to help educate and empower the people we serve toward a sounder financial path.

    We are looking forward to moving past the new normal to a time where we will once again be out in front of the very community we strive to serve. 

    Providing sound advice and helping potential new clients prepare for future “what if’s.” 

    Please check our website for upcoming events. 

    Investment advisory services offered only by duly registered individuals through AE Wealth Management, LLC (AEWM). AEWM and Paladin Retirement Advisors are not affiliated companies. 668116-07/20

    PHOTO CAP: Jeff Beyers schedule of events and webinars can be found at

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