Finkles – Lambertville

    The World’s Most Unusual Supply House

    Finkles has made a name for itself serving contractors and homeowners alike over its 102 years in business, dubbed ‘The World’s Most Unusual Supply House’.

    “We have many loyal customers whose parents and even grandparents were Finkles customers over the years,” said Rachel Finkle, president of Jos. Finkle & Son, Inc. “We are more than a hardware store.”

    Finkles is a full service electrical and plumbing supply house and also sells lighting, cabinets, faucets, hardware, steel and more. 

    The family-owned business was fortunate to be deemed “essential” throughout the pandemic and staff has adapted to wearing masks all day, keeping distance with a plexiglass shield across their front counter. 

    “We appreciate all our employees who have continued to work under stressful circumstances and all of our customers who continue to give us their business,” Rachel said.

    Finkles is a wonderful resource for many more items than you may automatically think of for a hardware store.

    They have a small lighting showroom, but in addition to lighting, they have competitively priced faucets, vanity cabinets, kitchen cabinets, countertops, hearth products (fireplaces, gas logs, wood stoves), and more. 

    “Local businesses need the support of our community to survive in today’s competitive market,” Rachel says. “We provide a level of expertise and knowledge that you won’t find from a big box store or an online seller. Our employees go the extra mile to provide personalized customer service for our clients.”

    Employees often engage in time-consuming research to help solve customer’s problems. 

    To ensure their customer’s safety, all employees are being responsible to stay COVID free. 

    They offer phone/curbside service if desired, and are sanitizing high touch areas twice a day. 

    Call Finkles at 609-397-0415 for more information. 

    They are located at 7 Coryell Street, Lambertville. 

    Open from Monday to Friday, 7:00am until 5:00pm and Saturday, 8:00am until 1:00pm.

    You can find more online at – check out their product pages for lighting, kitchen, bath, hardware, fireplaces and stoves, and more. 

    “It’s a good way to start your shopping experience with us, but the best way is to drop in. We’ll guide you through selecting your kitchen and bath renovation or any home improvement project’s needs.”

    PHOTO CAP: Rachel Finkle’s husband, Sven, working on designing a kitchen cabinet layout for a client. 

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