African Masks Plus and Pet Photos Plus – New Hope

    Judy Dinnerman is the owner of two unique stores that set her apart in the vivid and cultural community of New Hope. 

    Pet Photos Plus is a pet and family photography studio located in New Hope.

    They have been in business for two and a half years and expanding very quickly. 

    It started as only a photo studio for pets and quickly became a pet boutique where they sell private label baked goods, natural treats, toys for all ages and pet types, clothes and many items for pet parents. 

    “We recently expanded to the next store to add a second photography studio for pets and their families,” Judy said. “We use many types of backdrops for photo sessions and have fun and unusual props. We offer the conservative look or can go all out snazzy.”

    They also have a pet bakery with healthy, natural treats that are changed monthly. 

    “I tell my customers that the treats are all natural but please don’t eat them – save them for your pets!”

    The store offers a fun atmosphere where everyone gets to meet and talk about their pets. 

    Every month they offer a special incentive to our customers that they call family. 

    The summer special is 25% discount for portrait sessions if booked by August 15th. 

    Looking to meet you soon!

    More info at, call 609-865-1111 or e-mail

    African Masks Plus takes from Judy’s passion for African art, and includes a gallery of masks, sculptures and crafts made of clay, leather, fabric, wood and other natural elements. 

    They have African clothes and jewelry sold at the shop, and videos playing from Judy’s last trip to Africa, showing tribes dancing in the Ivory Coast, Gabon, Benin and Ghana.

    On display are over 400 carvings for sale and another 400 in storage, rotating the inventory for customers to enjoy. 

    Coming to African Masks Plus transports you so you almost feel like you are in Africa.

    There is a feeling of spirituality in the store, and Judy is passionate about the people and their culture. 

    Some of their merchandise is made by African women with designs signed by the artists. 

    They sew backpacks, wine bottle bags, shoulder strap bags and many other decorative pieces. 

    Last summer, they had a wonderful drummer playing the Djembe drums for the public. 

    You can ask to see their hand carved drum by the Cameroon tribe when you visit the shop.

    Find more at

    PHOTO CAP: Judy Dinnerman in her African Mask Shop

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